Thursday, November 17, 2016

Rocked it & Swapped it: Floral Shift Dress

It's so funny how differently we perceive things and I am referring to the collective "we" here. Something that seems so black and white to one person can be viewed as solely gray by somebody else. For example, when I first saw this floral shift dress, I immediately thought it was most appropriate for the office. 

With long sleeves and a below-the-knee hem line, I imagined it to be the perfect "work week chic" look, which is exactly how I styled it (with a bit of a twist, thanks for the utility vest).  But then...BUT THEN, you guys -- Lisa borrowed it and totally turned my narrow mind upside down. By adding a tassel belt to shorten the dress and pairing with a leather jacket & boots, the dress instantly went from day to night and took on a whole new look.


Have you ever seen someone else wearing a piece you own and totally changed your mind about how to style it? 

That's what fashion inspiration is all about!