Monday, September 1, 2014

Outtakes: Lisa

You guys always see the "good photos".
The ones I don't dislike or the ones that I am not down right awkward in. If we are being honest, there are A LOT of photos like that in every shoot that I do.

When take outfit post photos, I generally post 5-8 for that outfit. On average, I will take about 20-50 frames (or photos) for each outfit post that I do. Which means the majority of the photos I take, you will never see! This makes for some interesting outtakes.

I was recently cleaning up my IPhoto and decided I should share some of my favorite never been seen before shots. I'm sure this will now be an ongoing segment now as myself and Kaitlyn always have funny outtakes (especially when we shoot each other). 

I give you the "Just Didn't Make the Cut" photos:
 photo 750575f7-9684-4f89-bc5c-ba9199483055_zps4ea9c880.jpg  photo 11cba3d9-0c3d-46c6-8efa-6901db1218b8_zpsd5c7940e.jpg  photo 5c4f1a02-773e-4c01-99c1-d8e48b3ee3c0_zps57f4e0b5.jpg  photo b31176cd-32ae-48b7-9751-f043eecba51f_zps08445bf9.jpg  photo 7de7c5ac-da9e-456f-a42e-0caafa04ad22_zps8f731883.jpg  photo d5189b9d-1d38-41b8-b919-84425f159e77_zpsdc81a11a.jpg

Next up we start to get awkward:
 photo 943c746b-7fab-4290-977a-93eefb5734f5_zpsc826d3cc.jpg  photo 3c59990f-4083-4cef-9e25-470e2fe4725a_zps12314923.jpg  photo 3898f970-aeb7-4a5b-b7b9-2000a46fe727_zps33d31e64.jpg  photo f3a642e2-69cf-4777-86ff-9ab19826a0a3_zpsf8cdd2bd.jpg

And then there are these:
No words. 
 photo eb456368-d807-45c7-8e13-71b74455f553_zpsd2505ea0.jpg  photo 66401020-46cf-4edf-a018-e483ba8d8fe0_zpsc1caba9e.jpg

I mean, what am I doing in that last photo?! lol

Do you guys like seeing my outtakes? Which is your favorite?


  1. hahaha love these kind of posts- you look like a football player in that last one. but realy talk, how amazing are your outfits?! i especially LOVE the one with the maroony dress with the colored aviators. i want all of that!

    xo marlen
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  2. I love the outtake photo posts! Xoxo

  3. Great idea! One of my favorite posts:)

  4. haha, i love seeing outtakes! thanks for sharing them.