Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Outtakes: Lisa

Welcome to the third installment of my outtakes (see previous posts here & here). As much as I love showing you my outfits and how I style them, I really love going through my photos and pulling the ones that can only be used as bloopers. ;)

This time around they fall into four categories: WTF, can't stop laughing, windy, & not ready.

 photo IMG_6146_zpsc5ebf063.jpg  photo IMG_6249_zps1aa42d00.jpg
No, seriously, WTF?! I mean I might be able to figure out why the second shot turned out like this, but the first? I mean...

Can't Stop Laughing:
 photo IMG_6265_zpsd29ec265.jpg  photo IMG_6932_zps651c7491.jpg

 photo IMG_6927_zpsc5153132.jpg
Can't stop laughing and windy are both self explanatory. And to be honest, the super windy shots usually make me laugh so they kind of go hand and hand in my book.

Not Ready
 photo IMG_7060_zps2a34ea52.jpg  photo IMG_6148_zpsf5a754b2.jpg  photo IMG_7175_zpsa03c4e0f.jpg
OK, first off, my sister didn't tell me it was photo time, hence the beer. Hey, it's was mom's night out! 
The others I'm either looking the wrong way or I was just not ready for the photo to be taken. No blogger is camera ready in every shot no matter how much they want you to think they are, no one. Especially not me. I hope you have enjoyed laughing with me! ;) 

What do you think of my outtakes? Do your photos ever turn out like these?

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  1. These are my favorite posts! The beer one is my favorite..made me laugh out loud! :) Xoxo