Monday, August 24, 2015

Lisa's Blogging Bloopers, Volume 6

Outtakes just never get old in my book. The cutting room floor photos have quickly become some of my favorites shots and I love all your comments about how they are your favorite too!
 In almost every outfit post I shoot now, I look through the film and say "OK, seven good ones and a few outtake options." As in, I'm not done shooting until I have good and bad ones for you guys. If you can't laugh at yourself... ;) 

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I give you my sixth volume of blogging bloopers: 
 photo IMG_3019_zps2lnvk4ik.jpg  photo IMG_3598_zps4rhctueo.jpg  photo IMG_3731_zpsre7hdsnf.jpg  photo IMG_3854_zps7c6c9dno.jpg  photo IMG_3949_zpsq7lzqnqc.jpg  photo IMG_4184_zps4qtv3ltq.jpg  photo IMG_4211_zpsgn2q5d4n.jpg  photo IMG_4219_zpszqrp2cva.jpg

Which photo is your favorite? 

Would you caption any of these differently? 

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