Monday, September 7, 2015

Remix: Trench Vest

Year in and year out, vests are always in style and a great way to layer without adding lots of bulk. Plus, what better way to mix up some of your everyday looks then simply adding a vest over them? Easy and fashionable additions to any outfit are always a great idea.

Out of all the vests I currently own (I have about 6...that's normal right?) this trench vest from Forever 21 is hands down my favorite. I have worn it countless times over the past 2 years and I love how it looks different each time.

Here are examples of how I have styled my trench vest in the summer, the winter, and the spring:
 photo trench vest_zpsanbs6k3c.jpg
source // source // source 

I purchased this one in early 2013, so styles in vests have changed a bit since then. I'm loving the longer ones that are selling this season. Can we just talk about the first one in the third row? Swoon!
Are you a fan of vests? Which from above is your favorite?