Friday, October 23, 2015

Mini Mummy Pizzas

It's the topping that cannot be topped, at least in my world of pizza preferences, that is. I love pepperoni (and sausage) on thin husband and I have been doing "pizza Friday" with his Family for as long as I've known him...we typically order from the same place, one of our favorites, but it is nice to mix it up every now and then. 
On a recent trip to the lake house, we kept to the Friday schedule but this time, I incorporated two of my favorite little helpers (the cutest niece and nephew in the world...not that I'm biased!) to help me with an easy homemade, mummified recipe. Let's not lie, pancakes still taste best in the shape of Mickey Mouse and this is no different... ;)

4 easy ingredients:

English muffins (or bagels, I prefer whole wheat in both)
 Pizza sauce (I used Nature's Promise Organic)
Mozzarella cheese sticks
Green Olives and Turkey Pepperoni Mini's

This may be the perfect snack to make with the kids but I'll be honest, I think I enjoyed it the most ;)

If you're looking for a dessert option to match, I'm loving these mummy cute are they?

What are your favorite Halloween treats?