Monday, February 22, 2016

Kaitlyn's Blogging Bloopers: Volume 6

I'm grateful for anyone that's willing to shoot my outfit photos for the blog (shout out to Mom who is always gracious about it and my husband is typically not but does it anyway...#IGHUSBAND). But I truly have the most fun with I'm shooting with Lisa...because we are immersed in this beautiful world of blogging, we are the only ones who truly understand what the other one looks for when it comes to getting the "perfect shot."

We don't rapid fire shoot to get it over with (unless it's negative degrees, as seen below). Instead, a lot of work actually goes into these plans -- finding a time that works for both of us, picking a location, hitting the right light/time of day, pre-styling multiple outfits, shooting, editing, writing content and so on. But through all of this, we spend so much time laughing, especially at the ridiculous poses and things we will try to get a good photo. Sometimes they don't end up turning out as planned....

This is evidenced in my 6th edition of blogging bloopers:

"Are we really doing this without coats on?"

Are we human...or are we dancer?

Apparently, I'm trying to bring back the Macarena...
Fingers crossed!

"Is the lighting orange? But it's pouring outside 
and this outfit can't go to waste"...

This may or may not be filled with coffee. We'll never know.

When sultry actually looks more like stoned...

My mouth gives my stink eye away...

Another self-timer CLASSIC.
(post coming this week!)

Fellow bloggers: What is your favorite part of shooting with your besties?