Monday, February 1, 2016

(Moda) Prints Inspired

Let me be real here: I have a girl crush and this post is a direct result. Well, I have a lot of them. In the celebrity world, Mila Kunis and Rachel McAdams top my list followed by Amanda Seyfried, Lea Michele (and T Swift, she's pretty much a given). All of these ladies hold spots on my "we should be best friends" list and said list has grown significantly since entering the world of blogging. There are so many girl bosses (as we routinely say) doing amazing things and serving up daily inspiration in the female world.

Speaking of adorable, this particular look was inspired by Alena. As much as I love fashion, I (like everyone) feel stuck sometimes, as if I've worn everything in my closet and come up with every combination possible. Then, I see someone like Alena and feel immediate motivation to create something new. As mentioned when she was our blogger of the month, she constantly amazes me with her ability to pull together complete opposite prints, materials and color patterns and end up with a beautifully unique combination you wouldn't see anywhere else. Her outfits are quirky, playful, vibrant and full of confidence, each one seemingly more fun than the last.

While I adore them all, this look is one of my favoritesHad I not seen this photo, I would have never  considered pairing these pieces together...even when I pulled them out of my closet as a possible option, I thought, yep, I'm not going to pull this off. But once it all came together with tights and a beanie for the finishing touch, I really liked it and felt excited to be wearing something outside of my regular style. 

Let this be a good lesson that you don't always have to go shopping to have new just have to look a little harder for some inspiration. Thanks for the confidence boost, Alena ;) P.S. See how I styled this dress for Summer - Love transitioning pieces from season to season!

Do other bloggers or certain people of interest inspire your style? 
Let me know who and why!


Dress: LOFT (old but similar)
Blouse: LOFT (similar)
Booties: Just Fab (in love with these too)
Beanie: Target (old but very similar)
Bag: Nordstrom (similar in red)
Tights: Von Maur (They are fleece-lined! – old pair but similar here)
Necklace: Gifted to me by another favorite blogger!
Sunnies: Ray-Ban - Get your first designer pair FREE from Ditto with code "sisters20"
Mug: Starbucks (2015 collection but I love this one from 2016!)
Heartbeat Ring: T+J Designs
Lip color: GloMinerals (color is Sorbet - currently sold out)