Monday, June 27, 2016

3 Benefits of Argan Oil

When it comes to hair products, Argan Oil has risen to the top pretty quickly over the past few years. There are many different kinds, brands and uses for it but when it comes down to it, it's a cosmetic cabinet staple for its ability to keep your locks hydrated and smooth. We have used if for many years (especially on curling iron days) but never knew much about it, other than we love the way it smells and feels on our hair.

So in doing a bit of research, we found out a few cool tidbits:
  • It can be used in many beauty contexts including as a moisturizer, an exfoliating agent, a skin toner, and a hair conditioner. It even helps reduce acne and can heal razor burn...WHO KNEW?
  • The oil is made from seeds of the argan tree, which are harvested, crushed, shelled and pressed. With traditional methods, more than 100 pounds of argan nuts are required to produce one pint of argan oil.
  • Because of its versatility, there’s now serious demand around the world. That demand has helped turn Agadir, Morocco into a major production hub. For the past five years, small businesses managed by entrepreneurial Berber women have been thriving. Argan oil is now the world’s most expensive edible oil.
Suddenly the bottle in your bathroom seems a lot more valuable, right? This product started at the bottom and now it's HERE. We have added Agadir, a lesser-known line but welcome newcomer, to our rotation. Their original formula seems to be the gold standard in argan oil hair care...seriously, I tried this shampoo, the conditioner and the hair treatment all in one day and my hair has never felt softer. I haven't gotten it cut in months (1, because I love how long it's getting and 2, because my stylist has left to pursue other passions...Cry eye emoji's!) so needless to say, my locks are in need of some love and I feel like this has extended my time in between cuts because it suddenly feels healthier (and I'm not going to lie, I smell my hair all day long. It's SO GOOD). I'm already worrying about running out of it and I literally just opened a new bottle..

In addition, their hair shield line is PERFECT for the Summer elements that wreck havoc on your hair. I love the scent! I have been using the full line for over a week and I can really tell the difference. The shampoo and conditioner are great for anti-frizz and hydrating. You can tell that from the second you get out of the shower how soft and tangle free it hair seemed smoother instantly! 

Tip: You need to remember a little goes a long way. I used too much one day and my hair felt stiff. Once I figured out my "hair routine" I really loved what the line did for me. My hair really felt protected from the heat and held the style for longer, as I would style one day with heat and it would hold for 1-2 days after.

What are your go-to hair products for your daily routine? 
Do you have a favorite brand of argan oil?