Friday, June 10, 2016

Family Room Face Lift on a Budget

I recently moved (I'm talking 6 days ago), and as I unpack in my new home, I am finding my old items don't look as nice here. I'm sure it's just my perception, but all the furniture is almost 10 years old and trying to make all that worked in our last space, is not necessarily working in our new one. So what do you do to fix this issue without breaking the bank? Give the room a face lift on a budget of course! 

At first glance, I knew I wanted to get new lamps and honestly I was about to throw in the towel and up our budget and get new tables as well! OK, that can wait as long as this face lift makes the room seem updated and more like a cozy family room. In our last home, our carpet was not the same color as our couch so everything didn't seem so....well...tan! This room connects with our kitchen and we have sea foam colored chairs and bar stools there, so I thought that would be a good color to incorporate. With $200 in my pocket, I headed out to find some items to really bring the room together. 

Lamps: $59 each from Home Goods
Leather conditioner & cleaner: $16.49 Amazon 
Lamp shades: $8 each from Home Goods (clearance)
Throw Pillows: $9.99 & $12.99 from Home Goods (clearance) 
Total amount spent: $173.47


I realize I still need to paint, purchase wall art & mirrors, and get some knick knacks & more candles,  but those are all things that will happen in time as we live here. For now this quick makeover really did the trick for me. I instantly love my family room and I no longer feel like switching out all the tables has to happen this year. 
How do you update your decor? 
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