Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fall Trend Alert: Velvet

Each season we are tempted to try new trends that have been shown in runway shows all across the world. When Vouge Paris wrote about all the velvet spotted in shows including Gucci, Prada, & Fendi, I didn't know how to feel other then curious. I wore a good amount of velvet in the late 90's during high school, and I don't remember it being so great. I mean, maybe I just didn't have the right pieces, but isn't that the issue will all trends? They can be a total hit or miss. However, if you find the right pieces, most trends can be pretty awesome! 

I decided to take all the work out of finding the right pieces for you (you're welcome!). ;) 
Here are some of my favorite velvet pieces currently selling for this Fall/Winter season: 

What do you think of velvet making a comeback? Will you be sporting any this coming season?