Friday, September 30, 2016

Blog of the Month: Love Lenore

We have been doing this a long time – blogging, that is. 4 years ago, we started photographing our daily style and sharing it with a very small reader base (thanks, Mom & Dad!) As our little creative world continued to grow and change, so did the world of blogging and it feels like the circle of ladies pursuing this passion is bigger than ever. But one this is for sure, we still follow some of our favorite fashionistas that have been inspiring us since the beginning... 

A perfect example of that is Jacy, the blogger behind Love Lenore. I remember stumbling upon a photo of her and her pup (back in her brunette days) and thinking how much her dog looked just like mine. I felt compelled to leave a comment on IG about our dog twins (obviously, SUPES important) and after that, I most likely double-tapped a slew of her outfit photos from months prior, coming off like a super creep -- THE BEST, right? But I truly couldn't get enough of her effortless style and how she always looked so polished while still looking undone...Isn't that what we're all trying to achieve? I also really identified with her style as a whole. A jeans & t-shirt girl who can wear stilettos or sneakers and still exude the same level of confidence. Lastly, nobody pulls of the perfect nude lip shade like her.

Need some convincing? Let her photos do the talking...

What bloggers have you been following for years?

What keeps you coming back?