Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Superbowl for Women...

It's the most wonderful time of the year...if you're a fashion-minded female, that is. Sunday was our annual family Oscar party (aka the Superbowl for women), hosted by the master entertainer, Lake House Lyn. For almost 10 years now, a group of us including cousins, friends, sisters (and now a few of our men who join in for the pre-show feast) gather to dissect our favorite (and least) red carpet looks, fill out our ballots and see who wins best picture (see last year's recap here).

Confession: I saw all but 3 films nominated for best picture and nothing made as big of an impression on me as Theory of Everything. I sobbed during the movie and cried during Eddie Redmayne's speech. I will never forget how I felt watching his performance.But I digress - There was so much talent this year so it made my "research" for the awards very entertaining.

Other than vying for the best ballot, the night revolves around food. AMAZING food. This year, everybody brought something totally different so we had quite an epic selection...please let me share with you:
  •         Bacon-wrapped dates
  •         Mini pretzel bun & cheese sandwiches
  •         Stuffed Peppers
  •         Caramel apple dip (with cream cheese!)
  •         Homemade cinnamon chips and fruit salsa (similar recipe)
  •         Mini hot ham and cheese sandwiches
  •         Peanut butter cookies (recipe below)
  •         Chocolate chip peanut butter waffles (Are you sick yet?)
  •         Mini Oreo cheesecakes
  •         THE Chicago popcorn mix
  •         Avocado bruschetta
  •         A make-your-own sundae bar 

Oh, and did I mention the mojitos were flowing? 
Now you can understand why it was hard to button my jeans for work today...#sorrynotsorry 

I brought over homemade cookies and waffles (I blame my Father for this sweet tooth. It's deadly). As a peanut butter enthusiast, I was elated to secure a jar filled with the perfect combination: Pb & chocolate. I thought using this for cookies would be a fun spin so of course, I turned to Pinterest and found this simple recipe. Hormel also has tons of easy and delicious ideas for peanut butter treats so if you're nutty over the spread like me, you're in luck.

There is no flour used in this cookie recipe so I actually ended up over over cooking mine because I was waiting for them to puff up (hence the sad shape you see here) but make no mistake, they were fantastic...especially in our ice cream sundaes. Ugh, God. I can't get to the gym fast enough...

After preparing my carb-filled desserts, I headed over the party where every inch was decorated in Hollywood decor starting with our very own red carpet,..

Don't forget the photo props...what is a party without them? 

Where did you watch the Oscars? Who was your vote for best dressed and best picture?