Monday, July 25, 2016

Lady in Red

A fashion motto for life: When you find something you love, buy it in 7 colors. For serious, is very rare to stumble upon something you want to live in day and night. Something that feels like it was made for you and gives you confidence to rule the world. Alright, this might be a little dramatic but the second I put on this romper, I not only felt very comfortable but confident, two things every outfit should provide. It's a simple red, cotton romper with a slight scalloped hem. On the rack, nothing outstanding. On the body, the ultimate Summer basic, begging to be dressed up or down...or in my case, a little bit of both. A floppy hat (gifted to me from Lisa days after my dog bite for ultimate sun protection) was the perfect way to take it up a notch on the chic scale.

P.S. When I wear a hat this large, all I can think of is the FRIENDS episode ("the one with the jellyfish") where they're getting ready to head out of town and Rachel shows up in this. Amazing and ridiculous all at once. By the way, I feel like guys are totally dumbfounded by styles like this which is why I rarely wear this around my's a "ladies' weekend" style, for sure. You guys feel me?


Romper: Urban Outfitters (similar)
Straw Hat: Target
Bag: c/o E Street Denim (similar for 50% off!)
Shoes: c/o Sole Society
Sunnies: Zero UV (similar)
Lipstick: Glominerals "Crimson"

Friday, July 22, 2016

Current Obsessions: Lisa

This past month has been a whirlwind. The day we moved into our new home, the unpacking began. I went hard for the first 14 days, getting through 90% of all boxes and bins. I am yet to hang up more then 4 items on my walls (or paint my walls for that matter), but I am finally at a point where I am living here and not just working on it daily. Hey, we need to enjoy our summer a bit too, these kids are not going to watch themselves!

Each day I find myself saying "I'm obsessed with that!" over and over so I decided to share with you a few of my current obsessions. In the past I have shared more fashion and beauty items, but this time around there are quite a few home items as well.

PUREOLOGY Densifying Spray  photo 5X6A0097_zpsd9yylcik.jpg 
This stuff is amazing. My hair is super fine, so this give my strands a bit of a coat and makes it feel and look more dense. Summer hair for me is either air dried and as is or air dried and curled so this product is really helping me!

 photo 5X6A0082_zps1bcuxkzl.jpg 
With wedding season upon us, this stuff is a must! I recently used it at a bridal shower and I was back in my heels and ready to help out with the gifts and photos in no time. It is small enough to tuck into your purse, and so easy to apply. To use, you simply pump it into your hand and rub it on your sore feet. Wait about a minute to dry and back in your heels, pain free, you go!

My Bedroom Nook
 photo 5X6A0101_zpsd49ctdwl.jpg  photo 5X6A0102_zpsaiktdkfl.jpg 
Each morning I sit in this seat and doing my morning blog work while drinking my coffee. It is super cozy and just the perfect little room nook! I also love sitting by the window and writing in my journal or reading a book at night. I am just obsessed with this spot in my bedroom! I found both the chair and the table on Amazon, and the false flowers with vase at Home Goods.
(similar chair, similar table)

Fresh Flowers on my Kitchen Table
 photo 5X6A0117_zpszcxfjx1z.jpg 
Living in a small town surrounded by farms allows for lots of fresh cut flowers. I have been grabbing new ones each time I go out and keeping my kitchen (and bathroom for that matter) stocked with fresh blooms. My sunflowers were actually a gift from my mother-in-law and I am loving them!

Cherry Blossom & Peony Candle 
 photo 5X6A0109_zpsvmdxunzr.jpg 
This scent is amazing! I have been using it while I take a bath or even at night while we watch TV in the loft. It really makes the entire house smell so good!
(similar scent)

 photo 5X6A0125_zpsm6wnln1b.jpg  photo 5X6A0128_zpsqgspp4qr.jpg
I recently picked this beauty up at Pier 1 and I am obsessed! I can not wait to start my gallery wall going up my stairs now that I have a center point. Sure, I may not begin this project until the Fall, but I can see what is to come and I love it. 
What are you currently obsessed with? It can be product or places...let's chat in the comments section below! 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Rocked it & Swapped it: Chambray Romper

There’s something about a denim romper that makes you feel child-like in the most non-creepy, respectable way possible. I remember wearing similar things when I was little and having not a care in the world so I think nostalgia plays a bit of a role in this comeback trend. Also, I said I never would but I have grown to appreciate the return of overalls, especially when paired with a striped shirt underneath (Cathy makes it look too cute!) so that was my inspiration for styling this romper. When Lisa woreit, she added a lightweight, white knit and sandals which is the perfect day to transition a Summer day into the evening hours. 

Do you own a denim romper?
What is your favorite way to style it?

Shop our favorite styles...All under $100!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Tale of a Dress That Won't Go Out of Style

 photo IMG_3099_zpsv77nwd0z.jpg  photo IMG_3084_zpsc91eaqvt.jpg  photo IMG_3081_zpsm3rbmi30.jpg  photo IMG_3098_zpscizxzf5t.jpg

I love this dress! The lace, the way the flowers on the print gradually gather at the bottom, the silk-like material, and the fit and's all perfect in my book. What would you say if I told you I purchased it over five years ago? Yeah, this dress literally will not go out of style. And Modcloth agrees as they still sell it to this day! 

When I wore it the first time (back in 2011), I remember thinking it was the perfect fit and I hope I have it for years to come. Thankfully, I have taken really good care of it and we are still going strong with no signs of our last wear in site. I wish I could say that about all my clothes. ;)

 photo IMG_3086_zpsbjdk8ay9.jpg  photo IMG_3100_zps7zldpqpo.jpg  photo IMG_3085_zpshisc13dk.jpg  photo IMG_3083_zpsilidebjl.jpg
Dress: Modcloth // Shoes & Bag: c/o Sole Society // Jacket: Pepe Jeans (similar) //  Sunglasses: Ray-ban // Fitbit // Watch: Fossil

Do you have dresses that are over five years old and still in style? How many years do you generally get out of clothing? I think my average is about three years for most clothing, especially if I wear and wash it often. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Finding Balance in Bare Feet

I'm not going to lie...These past few weeks (months? year?) have been absolutely insane. The kind of insane where all of a sudden you stop and realize, you've been forgetting to breathe. It always seems like everything happens at once...the same week that I had multiple things to plan, endless to-do lists and a weekend-long party to host just happened to be one the busiest times at work in, well, ever. When you would rather be busy at work than slow, be careful what you wish for ;) I found myself relying heavily on breathing techniques I've learned through yoga as well as trying my best to participate in the YBD challenge, 30 yoga classes in 40 days...yes, because I needed just ONE more thing to try and stuff in a 24 hour day. GOOD LAWD.
Point of my rant being, I am looking forward to this weekend...My husband and I are celebrating our third wedding anniversary and for the first time in awhile, we don't have every moment scheduled. We spend so much time making plans and "checking our calendars" and then we remember...Summer used to be so special because of its simplicity. Hammocks, bare feet, lemonade, napping to baseball games on TV (just me? I seriously love that). So this weekend, we're going to do our best to avoid planning everything in advance. The only sure bet is watching our wedding video on repeat because 3 years later, I still cry every time I see it :) (Seriously...Jon is the best if you're in need of a videographer!)

But before I leave you, a selection from a yoga blog I enjoy...

"We love making plans and drawing maps that’ll detail exactly how we’re going to get from Point A to B to C. The problem isn’t in having an ambitious vision or keeping busy with plans, but rather in our way-too-tight grasp on our vision of how things could or should be. What ends up happening when things start to look colossally different from our self-made vision is that we become unfortunate victims to disappointment we created ourselves. Get excited about the future, but loosen the reigns a bit. This week, be gentle with yourself as you practice the art of doing absolutely nothing."
Swimsuit: Express - On sale under $50!
Top: Old Navy
Sandals: Just Fab
Sunnies: Target - Similar

Friday, July 15, 2016

Recipe: Chicken Primavera

 photo IMG_2421_zpsvb4uscnd.jpg

I recently had a dinner party and I was in search of a recipe that highlighted lots of veggies and organic chicken. After about 5 minutes scouring the Internet, I stumbled upon this recipe over at Dinner at the Zoo. I (as per usual) tweaked it to fit our tastes and needs, so I will share the recipe I used below! 

1 pound organic chicken breasts
2 teaspoons organic extra virgin olive oil
sea salt & pepper to taste
10 ounces whole wheat pasta of choice 
4 tablespoons of organic butter
3 organic lemons (2 to be squeezed for lemon juice, 1 to be sliced into wedges for each portion)
1 cup organic asparagus spears, trimmed & cut into 3 inch pieces
1 cup organic baby carrots, peeled and halved (I used regular sized carrots and sliced them)
1/2 cup organic frozen peas
2 tablespoons organic chopped parsley

 photo IMG_2423_zpshehjl338.jpg

1. Heat the olive oil in a large pan over med-high heat. 
2. Season the chicken breasts generously on both sides with salt & pepper.
3. Place the chicken breasts in the pan; cook for 4-5 minutes on each side or until golden brown and cooked through. Cut the chicken crosswise into slices. 
4. Prepare the pasta in salted water according to package instructions. 4 minutes before the pasta is done, add the carrots, asparagus and peas to the boiling water. 
5. Drain the pasta and vegetables, reserving 1/4 cup of the cooking liquid. 
6. Return the pasta and vegetables to the pasta pot. Turn the heat on low and add the butter and lemon juice, stirring to coat. Add the pasta water, 1 tablespoon at a time, until the sauce is at your desired consistency. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
7. Arrange the chicken on top of the pasta mixture and sprinkle wit parsley. Serve, with lemon wedges if desired. 

 photo IMG_2425_zpstmwdrlt7.jpg  photo IMG_2429_zpsrfqkxp6g.jpg  photo IMG_2439_zpsvbl736zp.jpg

This recipe was AH-MAZING! The entire dinner party loved it and I can not wait to make it again. Usually after I make something I have more ideas how I would make it better. After eating this one, I would fix nothing. 

Is this a recipe you would try? What websites do you love to find new dinner ideas? Let's chat in the comments section!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rocked it & Swapped it: Red Swing Dress

As I put together these photo collages, I can't help but hear Taylor Swift in my head. "We'll never go out of style, we'll never go out of style!" How on point is this swing dress year after year? It truly is the perfect shape garment for women of all different heights and weights. I don't think it will ever actually go out of style. Truth!

When I styled it back in 2014, I simply added strappy brown sandals and a fedora. Then, later that night for fireworks, I added a cozy knit sweater over (and don't we all love when a dress becomes a skirt?) When Kaitlyn styled it over this past holiday, she tied a cute scarf around her neck and wore it as a bathing suit cover up. I mean really, this dress can do no wrong! 

 photo rockandswap_zpsrmxnafm7.jpg

Shop my favorite swing dresses here: