Thursday, December 1, 2016

Rocked it & Swapped it

Both myself & Katilyn have been living in this tencel tunic from J.Jill. Honestly, I've been stocking up on tencel items a lot lately. The material feels like butter on your skin and this cotton alternative is giving me all the feels! When I styled this tunic the first time, I wore it as cozy everyday wear but added a pointed toe flat to give it a bit of chic. Later Kaitlyn styled the top and used it as a layering piece on a chilly day in Wisconsin. Here are two of the ways we have styled the top, but know it has been worn around 30 times in the past 30 days (yeah, it's that good)! 

Are you a fan of tencel clothing? Shop some of my favorites below!


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Perfect Layering Piece

 photo Fall-2_zpsg1tc2kg1.jpg  photo Fall-4_zpsvlizjbmr.jpg  photo Fall-6_zpsbcth6juu.jpg  photo Fall-7_zpsdavputt4.jpg

I am forever on the hunt for great layering pieces. They make mornings easier (hello grab and go), and can effortlessly mix and match with anything in your wardrobe. When I spotted this long hooded cardigan at J.Jill, I knew I could not only style it with active-wear, but also everyday wear. How have I never owned a piece like this? It sure seems like a wardrobe staple to me! 

 On this day, skinny jeans and a ribbed turtleneck tee were just the thing for grabbing lunch and coffee in a neighboring town. I was all too excited to add this long cardigan but wanted to give it a bit of a twist. By adding this great wrap belt I gave myself more of a defined waistline and a pop of color with the bold lip. In the end, I added leopard print wedges and suddenly the outfit had a bit of attitude (the good kind that is). 

 photo Fall-5_zpsgmznj0ff.jpg  photo Fall-3_zpshlv59ts8.jpg  photo Fall-8_zpsv3m6f1te.jpg
Cardigan: c/o J.Jill // Top: c/o Style & Co. // Jeans: Old Navy // Belt: B-Low the Belt via Box of Style // Bag & Sunglasses: Coach // Shoes: Shoemint (similar) // Ring: House of Harlow 1960

What are your favorite layering pieces? What do you think of this long hooded cardigan?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Gift Guide: Workout Essentials

Gym & Tonic

Let's be honest, it's already a challenge to find time for a daily workout and for many of us, it's even harder to get motivated if we’re exercising in ancient sweatpants and an over-sized t-shirt. Like any activity, we're more confident if we feel good about ourselves so the same thing applies to exercising. If I'm sacrificing an extra hour of sleep in the morning to make it to 6 A.M. yoga, I should at least look semi-cute, not frumpy...agreed? And not to mention, the Yoga By Degrees room is all mirrors so there’s no escaping your just rolled out of bed image ;) 

That said, I am always on the hunt for cute (and cost-effective) gear for running and yoga, my two favorite activities but never like spending money on it myself so I consider these items the perfect gift ideas. I like things with a unique twist, like the geometric print mat and palm leaf leggings…Why fit in when you can stand out?


1. Gym Shoes // 2. Pizza Bag
3. Yoga Top // 4. FitBit
5. Phone Case // 6. Bag
7. Yoga Mat // 8. Palm Pants
9. Crop Pants // 10. Swell Bottle
11. Teal Bra // 12. Black Bra

Where do you shop for exercise clothes?
Are you shopping for any workout buddies this year?

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Tencel Tunic

What a whirlwind. This long holiday weekend, that is. Leading up to Thanksgiving, we all had that feeling of, "I can't believe it's here feels like we were just going for ice cream in our shorts."  But then, without our opinion or consent, it's here and gone again, giving us almost no time to truly reflect on all the work that goes INTO that's what I'm doing now. 

Thinking about all the little details that make the holiday so memorable: Shopping for flowers the day before at Trader Joes and trading prep stories with other customers. Taking my time to set the table so it feels warm and inviting for the Family. Cleaning every inch of the house. Making my favorite spiked cranberry punch (seriously, this is THE party drink). Preparing all the food and watching it disappear so quickly. Quickly, that seems to be the theme of all holidays we look forward to but what a wonderful one it was.

Despite how busy I was, I still managed to eat my weight in stuffing, desserts and pizza this weekend. Not to mention, the 3 different birthday cakes that preceded a few days before. Everyone keeps saying, "It's only your birthday once a year" and "Well, it's Thanksgiving, so"... but this is just the beginning, guys. 

There's 5 more weeks of sweet tooth indulgences and sugar overkills so with that in mind, I, 1) plan to ramp up my work outs and 2) have been living in cozy, loose sweaters and tunics that leave more room for belly goodies. I am not lying when I say this J. Jill tunic is my new absolute favorite piece of clothing. I actually try to figure out who of my Family and friends has seen me in it lately to determine if I can get away with wearing it yet AGAIN in the same week. It's from their Tencel collection which I learned is basically a cotton alternative made from natural fibers and it's absolutely amazing. I HIGHLY recommend trying this piece first because it looks good with sweat pants OR dressed up with nice pants AND it's on sale. 

Time to purchase a tencel tunic for putting up that tinsel! ;)


Top: c/o J. Jill
Pants: Old Navy (similar)
Boots: Sperry (very similar)
Jacket: Target (similar)
Bag: Old Navy (similar)
Sunnies: LOFT
Hat: Old (similar)

Friday, November 25, 2016

BFF Stocking Stuffers under $100

With all the Black Friday chat today, we've got shopping on the mind. While some of you rushed to finish your fantastic meal to hit the early EARLY lines at the stores, we much prefer shopping from the comfort of our couch and pj's. Doesn't that sound better than waiting in long lines or getting hit over the head by a crazy Mom at Wal-Mart? With this in mind, we're sharing a few of our favorite girly stocking stuffers, perfect for your best friend, babysitter or work wife ;)

Stocking Stuffers

Shop Stocking Stuffers:

1. Starbucks Phone Case
2. Tinted Lip Treatment
3. Wink Beanie
4. Theirry Mugler Perfume (SO good!)
5. Makeup Clutch
6. Fox Gloves
7. Glitter Eye Shadow
8. Glitter Phone Case
9. Coffee Tumbler
10. Grateful Journal 

What's on your shopping list this weekend? 
Stop by next week for another gift guide! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Pre-Thanksgiving Peplum

You guys! Tomorrow we are hosting our 4th Thanksgiving at our house which is crazy to me...what's even more crazy is the fact that we will be literally be working until the last minute to finish the, I'm not far from a full-fledged panic attack. Let met just rant here for a second: I have mentioned before that we had a very small leak in the basement wall last year, causing us to pull up a few of the (beautiful) laminate boards to fix it. Well, one thing led to another...aka we made a few mistakes and the previous floor in our house had been discontinued, meaning we're back at square one. So here we are, a year later with a brand new floor that my husband put in himself and I''m being honest when I It looks amazing. 

When we moved in, one of the best parts about our house was that it was newly updated (and they made some fantastic choices) so it didn't need much work, especially in the finished basement, complete with a built-in bar and a very unique set of stairs...we loved it. But you don't know how much improvement can be made until you're actually forced to do it. We went from a brown laminate to all gray and it looks so beautiful. I can't wait to share it with you guys! Now, to get to work because there is unbelievable amount of things to do before that turkey is served and we can officially say Grace...Everybody works better under pressure, right? :)

In style news, this sheer peplum has been one of my favorites this season, along with these olive skinnies from Old Navy. Because I'm so obsessed with these colors this year, I figured it was only natural to pair them together and they actually work perfectly, especially for Thanksgiving. This top leaves a lot of room for a food baby so I might just have to consider that...

Have a happy & safe Thanksgiving! 

We are grateful for all of you who stop by to catch up with us on the blog!


Top: Nordstrom Rack (similar)
Pants: Old Navy (similar)
Booties: Just Fab
Bag: Sole Society (similar)
Earrings: LOFT

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Morning Routines

 Each morning my alarm goes off and within 60 seconds I am walking down the hallway to wake up my kiddos. I go to my daughters room first (she rises a bit slower) and after she promises me she will in fact open her eyes soon, I move on to my son's room. As soon as he hears me, he darts up (not unlike his mother) and says "I'm awake". In each of their rooms I open the blinds, turn off their fans, and make sure they have clothes already laid out for the day. Next stop coffee! As the coffee brews, I set up their breakfast before walking back upstairs, this time to tell them it's time for breakfast. This is when my daughter no doubt talks me into carrying her down for one reason or another. ;) 

Then it's coffee time. I sit in my rocking chair, the same chair I rocked my babies in, and sip my perfect cup of organic dark roast Joe with them in view. This is me time. For the next 25 minutes I can check (and post) my social media, news sites, and emails. After my coffee break, I have exactly 20 minutes to make sure two kids are dressed, have brushed their teeth, hair is done, plus I need too get myself ready. My go-to effortless look lately has been tops like this gorgeous one from J.Jill. It is not only beautiful and functional for everyday (or active wear), but it is also the softest thing I have ever put on my body!

I generally set out my outfit the night before, so mornings run smoothly and no one feels rushed. I run a tight ship and this way there is less room for error, or in my case, making the kiddos late to school. These skinny jeans are so affordable and I have had this pair for three years now. I love how the holes evolve over time. Toss on a great flat and blanket scarf and you are good to go with time to spare. 

I obviously had time this day to go back home and put on more of a face. I am dying for burgundy eye pallets and red lips right now! I met up with a fellow blogger and we got some outfits shot. What's the great part about being out mid-morning in an area with lots of local shops? MORE COFFEE! So we did a little work, stopped and had some yummy seasonal flavored coffee, and then got back to work. Sometimes morning routines are so nice you need to do them twice! 

 Top: c/o J.Jill // Scarf: Target (similar) // Jeans: Old Navy // Shoes: c/o J.Jill (similar) // Bag: JustFab // Sunglasses: Coach (similar) // Rings: c/o Park Lane Jewelry // Pom Pom Key Chain: T&J Designs (similar) // Lip Color: gloMinerals-Crimson

Photos by Cecilia Jean

What is your morning routine? Do you have go-to cozy items in your wardrobe that gets you happily through your day.