Friday, December 9, 2016

Dogs in Christmas Sweaters

I am really happy with our Tiny Prints Christmas card this year - Truly, I think it's adorable. It makes me smile and feel proud of my tiny Family. BUT -- The best part about it is the story of how we got here...

One beautiful Fall morning in Wisconsin, I decided it would be the perfect time to take an updated Family photo. The ground was covered in leaves, it was a great time of day with natural lighting and it was cold but not the good kind where you can get away with just a sweater -- and speaking of sweaters, let's rewind: I had seen a fair isle dog sweater at Target in the dollar section (which at Christmas time, ends up becoming the $15 section because I want it all). I vowed I would never be "that" person who dresses up their dog but standing there staring at this animal clothing with tiny holes for his head and paws, I could NOT pass it up. All the way home, I imagined the disgusted reaction my husband would have which was very accurate because I came home to..."You didn't seriously spend money on that, did you? He's a DOG. That is ridiculous."

Fast forward back to picture day when I announce it's time to take the photo. My first mistake was trying to organize during the Bears game...but begrudgingly, my husband threw on his "blue shirt" I asked him to bring which mind you, was a HOODIE. Not exactly the vibe I was going irritation #2, is me asking him if he has anything else. "Nope - You said something blue." So here we go, me, Mike, the dog and my Mom, off to the my chosen location in the woods.

A few minutes into the process, my vision became a lot more hilarious. I was having a hard time getting the sweater on Fitz so I asked Mike to help and I kid you not, he spent the next 10 minutes trying to get his paws through those damn holes. Twice, he got it all the way on and realized it was on backwards - TWICE. So off it comes and third times a charm, right? Not really. Fitz is a medium size dog but his head is rather large...turns out, TOO large to stretch the sweater all the way over after we got his paws in. Fitz was so patient the entire time, such a sweet boy...all the while my Mom and I are almost peeing ourselves witnessing this situation, in tears from laughing. It absolutely WAS ridiculous, just like Mike said from the start. But wow, I love how hard everybody tried to humor me in order to make my idea come to life. In the end, we got the sweater half way on, Mike wore his BLUE winter jacket and the light was still just perfect...and so are they. These are the stories that make the holidays so memorable :)

Here is our 2016 Holiday Card:

I always have fun assembling them and putting the finishing touches on before they go out. I had no trouble selecting the card design…I really do love their foil cards, but I was more drawn to a more rustic, craft paper style because I thought it was the perfect fit for a photo shot in the woods. Plus, it has equally cute envelopes to match and this year, I decided to make it easy on myself by uploading my address book to have Tiny Prints take care of the printing. I do enjoy the art of handwritten notes but during the holiday season, there’s no extra time, especially to address 40+ envelopes, so I like to be resourceful where I can. I also ordered the evergreen print envelope liners which are adhesive and super easy to slip in. I know everyone throws the envelope away, but I think it really adds something to the overall presentation and who doesn't love opening a cute piece of mail? 

I also had a cute little helper by my side who actually snored most of the time I was hard at work... 
If only we all had a dog's life!

And let's not forget a few of  the cute card outtakes...
I love Fitz in this first one, he looks like (the most adorable) statue.

Towards the end of our journey into the woods, we stumbled upon a very old wooden boat which looks to have been deserted for years. It was such a cool find and this would have been a great setting for the card but to be honest, the dog had lost his patience by this point and all 3 of us were ready to get back for lunch and more fireplace sitting. Priorities, guys...

Still need to order your cards? 

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Rocked it & Swapped it: The Perfect Layering Turtleneck

When it comes to style staple pieces, a basic turtleneck is at the top of the list. Like many fashion trends, it's one of those things that you might not have been caught dead in during high school but now that you're older and more refined, so is your wardrobe and the turtleneck is one of winter's necessities. It's not a trend but a classic that you wear & re-wear in so many ways. Use it as a base under a short sleeve dress or layer it under a long cardigan. It's almost hard to tell that this is the same shirt but that's the beauty of it -- different every time. 


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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Windy Wonderland

 photo maxi dress-23_zpsyev61iro.jpg  photo maxi dress-22_zpsazki8zbd.jpg  photo maxi dress-19_zpsjcm3g3e4.jpg  photo maxi dress-20_zps63ecc7hk.jpg

I've said it before and I will say it again, I am loving the beautiful season of Fall this year. The weather has been cooler lately (it is December after all... it was bound to happen), but we still had a few days before the snow where you could get away with a light jacket. On this day, it was super windy, but an utterly beautiful, sunny day. 

I decided to embrace the wind and wear something that would flow. This midi dress from J.Jill is another fast favorite. It is the most soft dress I own, making it feel like I am walking around in my PJ's (does it get any better then that?). I added a sheer plaid scarf, wrap belt, bucket bag, and wide brim hat to dress the look up a bit. To finish it off, I added my favorite faux leather jacket and a great pair of heels. Let's be honest, a great pair of heels can make me smile any day of the week. 

 photo maxi dress-24_zps8uengvpz.jpg  photo maxi dress-18_zpsxhr5xma7.jpg  photo maxi dress-21_zps9xmrtevr.jpg  photo maxi dress-25_zpsdctfcshu.jpg
Dress: c/o J.Jill // Scarf & Bag: Nordstrom (similar) // Shoes: JustFab // Jacket: SheIn (similar) // Sunglasses: Coach (similar & only $32) // Hat: c/o Sole Society // Large Ring: c/o Park Lane Jewelry // Teal Ring: House of Harlow 1960 (similar) // Belt: Anthropologie // Lip Color: gloMinerals-Crimson

photos by Cecilia Jean

What have you been wearing during these transitional weather days? What do you think of my "windy wonderland" outfit?

Monday, December 5, 2016

Gift Guide: Teachers

Every year I hit a wall when it comes to picking out our teacher's gifts. To our family (and hopefully many of yours as well), my children's teachers (and our son's aid) become part of our extended family and I always want to give them something good. These are the individuals who are with our kids all day, five days a week, and who teach them through all the moods they may have on any given day. ;) In the past I have given many personalized gifts found during craft fairs I have attended. I love me the Fall Diddley

Each year, I usually give a gift, gift card, and sometimes fresh fruit as well, but this year I was searching for a something different. I asked a few teachers in my life what gifts they love getting and capped the price point off at $48 so I could still give another part to the gift.


What do you get the teacher's in your life? 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Rocked it & Swapped it

Both myself & Katilyn have been living in this tencel tunic from J.Jill. Honestly, I've been stocking up on tencel items a lot lately. The material feels like butter on your skin and this cotton alternative is giving me all the feels! When I styled this tunic the first time, I wore it as cozy everyday wear but added a pointed toe flat to give it a bit of chic. Later Kaitlyn styled the top and used it as a layering piece on a chilly day in Wisconsin. Here are two of the ways we have styled the top, but know it has been worn around 30 times in the past 30 days (yeah, it's that good)! 

Are you a fan of tencel clothing? Shop some of my favorites below!


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Perfect Layering Piece

 photo Fall-2_zpsg1tc2kg1.jpg  photo Fall-4_zpsvlizjbmr.jpg  photo Fall-6_zpsbcth6juu.jpg  photo Fall-7_zpsdavputt4.jpg

I am forever on the hunt for great layering pieces. They make mornings easier (hello grab and go), and can effortlessly mix and match with anything in your wardrobe. When I spotted this long hooded cardigan at J.Jill, I knew I could not only style it with active-wear, but also everyday wear. How have I never owned a piece like this? It sure seems like a wardrobe staple to me! 

 On this day, skinny jeans and a ribbed turtleneck tee were just the thing for grabbing lunch and coffee in a neighboring town. I was all too excited to add this long cardigan but wanted to give it a bit of a twist. By adding this great wrap belt I gave myself more of a defined waistline and a pop of color with the bold lip. In the end, I added leopard print wedges and suddenly the outfit had a bit of attitude (the good kind that is). 

 photo Fall-5_zpsgmznj0ff.jpg  photo Fall-3_zpshlv59ts8.jpg  photo Fall-8_zpsv3m6f1te.jpg
Cardigan: c/o J.Jill // Top: c/o Style & Co. // Jeans: Old Navy // Belt: B-Low the Belt via Box of Style // Bag & Sunglasses: Coach // Shoes: Shoemint (similar) // Ring: House of Harlow 1960

What are your favorite layering pieces? What do you think of this long hooded cardigan?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Gift Guide: Workout Essentials

Gym & Tonic

Let's be honest, it's already a challenge to find time for a daily workout and for many of us, it's even harder to get motivated if we’re exercising in ancient sweatpants and an over-sized t-shirt. Like any activity, we're more confident if we feel good about ourselves so the same thing applies to exercising. If I'm sacrificing an extra hour of sleep in the morning to make it to 6 A.M. yoga, I should at least look semi-cute, not frumpy...agreed? And not to mention, the Yoga By Degrees room is all mirrors so there’s no escaping your just rolled out of bed image ;) 

That said, I am always on the hunt for cute (and cost-effective) gear for running and yoga, my two favorite activities but never like spending money on it myself so I consider these items the perfect gift ideas. I like things with a unique twist, like the geometric print mat and palm leaf leggings…Why fit in when you can stand out?


1. Gym Shoes // 2. Pizza Bag
3. Yoga Top // 4. FitBit
5. Phone Case // 6. Bag
7. Yoga Mat // 8. Palm Pants
9. Crop Pants // 10. Swell Bottle
11. Teal Bra // 12. Black Bra

Where do you shop for exercise clothes?
Are you shopping for any workout buddies this year?