Monday, October 5, 2015

These Are a Few of our Favorite....Lip Colors

As two girls of very different heights, we can't always make each piece of clothing shareable but one thing we never have a problem trading are our favorite lip colors. In our mind, a great lip color is just as important as your favorite pair of shoes or statement necklace because one swipe of color can actually change your mood. Even if you don't have other make up on (though mascara is still always a must!), you can still look and feel put together.

So yes, it's true...we are self-proclaimed beauty junkies, always on a mission to define our signature lip color — everyone has a shade that never fails to flatter and make them feel instantly gorgeous...

Here are a few of our current favorite shades:
 photo IMG_5436_zpsjszsicvg.jpg  photo IMG_8834_zpsvc9pwnol.jpg  photo IMG_8835_zps11lfpv5j.jpg  photo IMG_8837_zpspwsidamf.jpg
Glo-Minerals // Colors: Crush, Bombshell, Demure, Sorbet 
 photo IMG_5438_zpswlc2pxfd.jpg  photo butterlondon_zpslccwdhd3.jpg
Butter London // Colors: Loved up, Toff
 photo IMG_5440_zpsistrdbjr.jpg  photo IMG_8839_zpsuuiv8ehc.jpg
Bobbi Brown // Colors: Blue Raspberry, Rose Blossom 

 photo IMG_5441_zpsu1tw7mer.jpg
Sugar Advanced Therapy 
What are your favorite lip colors? Do you have one we MUST try?

Friday, October 2, 2015

Walk, Talk & Gawk

One of the most unique and special parts about having a family home in Lake Geneva is the beauty the water provides year round. Towards the end of Summer and beginning of Fall is the perfect time to walk the lake path, one of our favorite ways to start the day not only to be active but it is so relaxing an provides us with a great chance to talk. 21 miles in all, the gorgeous route allows walkers to literally walk through the back yards of striking century-old mansions and some of the most beautiful landscaping in the Midwest. 

Fun factThe path was created by the region’s earliest settlers who dictated that the 20 feet of land directly up from the shoreline be deemed public domain. 

 photo 232323232fp83232gtuqcshlukaxroqdfv37449gtnu3363gt364gt343gtWSNRCG377728-7336nu0mrj_zpsoxe9cmog.jpg

On this beautiful September day, we did about 4 miles total...started at our house and walked to a local restaurant to meet the rest of the family for lunch. There's no feeling bad about indulging in a bloody mary bar after putting in some mileage ;)

It is on our list to complete the whole path in 1 day...hopefully mid-October when the leaves are 100 shades of red and gold aka Instagram heaven. We will be utilizing walk talk and gawk when we venture out on our journey...It includes full details on the most difficult parts of the path, public access points and the stories behind the estates of some famous families (the Wrigley estate and Driehaus estate to name a few!)

 photo lisa_zpsvxse1xrb.jpg  photo workout style_zpshqa9f7gz.jpg
Jacket, Tank, & Pants // Shoes: DSW // Sunglasses: Ditto (use code SISTERSMARIE for 1st month designer sunglasses FREE!)

 photo kaitlyn_zpstctlhspu.jpg

Tank: Target // Pants: Victoria's Secret (similar)  // Hoodie (similar)// Shoes: Amazon (similar)
Sunglasses: Old Navy// Backpack: Target (similar)
 photo 232323232fp83232gtuqcshlukaxroqdfv3lt--7gtnu377gt6-2gt24gt2lt686-233lt245ot1lsi_zps1r2zipqh.jpg

Have you ever walked the LG path? What other Midwest paths do you recommend?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rocked it & Swapped it

Some outfits are just made to repeat. Sure, it's fun to swap clothes and style them differently (which gives us inspiration when we get our swap items back), but it's also fun to wear the outfit how the other person has. Especially if the outfit styling is perfect the way it was. ;) 

Enter Kaitlyn's blue & white striped dress from Loft. She first rocked this dress on a weekend day of iced coffee and family fun at our lake house in Wisconsin. Her pairing was perfect with a denim jacket, brown bag, and flat sandals. 

It was really a no brainier to keep the styling the same when it was my turn to wear it. A few different accessories and hair styling to make it my own, and I was also ready for a family weekend day of fun. 

Here is how we both styled the dress: 
 photo rockandswap_zps8091oz7c.jpg  photo swap_zpszaza5xz7.jpg

Do you ever style your favorite dress the same way each time you wear it? What do you think of this pairing? 

Shop the look: 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Getting Cozy

Much like I’m a sandals and sun dress kind of girl in the Summer, I am a cozy sweater and jeans kind of gal come Fall weather. I am constantly cold (like, lips turn purple when we hit 60). so I am always on the hunt for versatile knits…especially the long, tunic-style length because 1) I’m 5’9” and 2) I want to be able to wear them with leggings and boots…this is a MUST. 

This being said, I grabbed a few of these at Old Navy the other day...they are the perfect "throw on and go" knit, especially for a day like this by the water. Our most recent visit to the lake was just beautiful. It was the kind of weather that leaves you with a grateful in the shade, warm in the sun and diamonds on the water...just blessed.

Sweater (on sale!), Jeans, Bag, Sunnies, Sandals (old): Old Navy 
Tank: LOFT  | Belt: Target | Necklace: E Street Denim

How will you stay cozy this Season?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Skirt Made for Twisting

 photo IMG_5325_zpsvezn9hf1.jpg  photo IMG_5317_zpsms8phpc6.jpg 
I am one fringe obsessed girl, so this skirt is something I've been dying to style. There is actually a back story to this skirt: Johanna of 101 Things I Love gave this beauty to me almost two years ago and this is the first time I've taken photos in it. I love it girl, sorry it took so long to get it up on the blog!  

Nothing says "twist and dance" like a fringe skirt. I was kind of sad I didn't have plans to go dancing this day, so I just kept twisting around. I mean, how can you not? It's seriously perfect for that...a night out dancing is in my future. ;)

 photo IMG_5320_zpsigzcb4te.jpg  photo IMG_5331_zpsb5xynyf8.jpg  photo IMG_5319_zps8hq89l4w.jpg

I kept the styling simple, leaving the skirt to be the star. By pairing it with a chambray top, nude heel, a saddle bag, and a great statement necklace, it was the perfect look for dinner out with the family. I also loved how the green in the sunglasses really brought out the olive color in the skirt...A pairing meant to be. 

 photo IMG_5321_zpsmds7onfq.jpg  photo IMG_5318_zpstd5wca9y.jpg  photo IMG_5328_zpssnw5yzfn.jpg
Top: H&M // Skirt: Swap (similar) (similar) // Bag // Shoes // Necklace
Sunglasses: Ditto (use code SADB for 1st month of designer sunglasses FREE!)

What do you think of this pairing? Are you a fan of fringe, even in your skirts? 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Blog of the Month: Holl & Lane Magazine

We started following Sarah a few years back when she was pursuing similar passions of sharing fashion and lifestyle content. Not to mention, she had a great closet on Because I Shop Too Much that we were often perusing (and we thank her for that support!) 

Fast forward a few years and she has made a transition from blogger to magazine editor which has been fun for us to watch and you can tell she has carried over a lot of the skills she gained through blogging. With that said, our September blogger of the month feature is a bit unique but focused on a person and idea we think you'll really enjoy...

Holl & Lane is a digital magazine focused on bringing you the stories that make up our lives. With topics ranging from style, interior design, business, family, travel, and life tales, the magazine encompasses all facets of life. Aspirational, approachable, and real, Holl & Lane desires to make your stories heard, while feeling like you are talking to your best friend.

We recently chatted with Sarah about her new venture...Here's what she had to say:

 1) Why did you decide to leave the world of fashion blogging?

Once I had my son, the focus of my blog shifted from fashion to lifestyle. And that's not to say that I didn't love fashion anymore or that I was suddenly dressing in sweatpants all the time. I still love clothes and love to dress nicely. I just didn't have time to do outfit photos anymore- or actually, I didn't want to spend my time doing them is the more honest answer. I work full time and during the week I only get a couple of hours to spend with my son in between getting home from work/daycare and him going to bed. So I wanted to spend those hours with him, not focused on getting a perfect outfit shot. I also never quite liked being in front of the camera.  I'd much rather be behind the scenes snapping photos (as evidenced by my Instagram).

2) What would you say that is the biggest challenge of blogging?

Trying to be consistent when you are feeling overwhelmed.  It seems the key to "making it big" as a blogger is always consistency so that your readers know what to expect. Over time, it can begin to feel like a chore if you're not careful. I truly love to write, but there are days where I don't have anything to say or where I have too much going on to sit down and write. And other days I just don't want to share anything more about my life. So on those days, I felt pressured to put up a post so that my readers would have something new. I came to realize that my loyal readers didn't care if I blogged five days a week, or two. They'd still be around.

3) Where did you come up with the idea for Holl & Lane? What inspired you?

I've wanted to work at a magazine since the time I was very, very young. As I mentioned, I love to write so I initially went to college for journalism but quickly changed my major to fashion when I got scared.  didn't want to move to NYC and work the hours that most do at a publication. So, it got put on the back burner. And then a few years ago, the thought entered my mind of beginning my own magazine but because I had no idea how to do that, it kept getting put off.  

This year I decided to finally do something about it. I had an idea of what I wanted the magazine to be, and I figured everything else I'd learn along the way. The heart of Holl & Lane are stories. The most frequent comment I received through blogging has always been that people appreciate my honesty and that I'm willing to talk about things that others don't. I wanted to bring that to H&L in a bigger way. I wanted to give people a chance to see that they're not alone. But I always wanted to invoke fun and adventure into the magazine with the other features- such as style and beauty, interiors, and travel.  

4) How has your blogging experience helped you with your new venture?

The biggest way blogging has helped is through the network of people I "know".  Each member of the Holl & Lane team, except one, I had gotten to know through blogging and when they volunteered to work on the magazine I knew I could count on them because of that. It's also opened up a world of contributors because of the relationships I've developed. Plus, the blogging family I've connected with is also willing to help me promote the magazine which is completely invaluable.

5) What do you hope people take away from Holl & Lane? What is your message? 

I hope that people realize that they're not alone, no matter what they're going through. I hope that they read a story that connects to their heart and think that they'll too get through whatever situation they're in. We've had stories on PTSD, being a teen mom, life as a military wife, postpartum depression, cultural identity, a mother's disappearance, and weight loss surgery. Coming up next year we have stories on miscarriages, being a single mom of four, addiction and eating disorders, life after breast cancer, divorce at age 30 and so much more. I'm so proud of our stories and I'm so humbled that women are allowing me to tell them.  These are brave women who are opening up and sharing some of the hardest times of their lives and so I hope others will recognize that, appreciate it, and be a little more open about their own struggles. Each time we open up, we help someone else and that's the message I want to get across.

6) What is your greatest achievement outside of the magazine?

This may sound cliche, but in my personal life, it's my son.  He is a truly amazing tiny human and to see how healthy, happy and pleasant he is... makes me feel like I'm doing something right in my life. In my professional life, I'm most proud of how I've managed to balance being a mom and wife with working full time, running the magazine, being a blogger and doing freelance graphic design. My life is never dull and is often overwhelming but I'm doing so many things I love that I've never been happier.

Do you read any digital magazines on a daily basis? 
What bloggers/writers inspire you?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Book Chat: Eight Hundred Grapes

"You have to grow, mold, squish about eight hundred grapes to get just one bottle of wine. If that isn't an argument to finish the bottle, I don't know what is"...

Did you guys know that? It's pretty amazing and makes me appreciate my Pinot Noir a "bunch" more ;) I learned this tidbit from 800 Grapes by Laura Dave. The story is just as the title sounds...light and refreshing, perfect for a crisp fall day. I actually finished this back in August (in under a day!) but I'm still thinking about it because we're embarking on harvest season (which has sadly been an uphill battle in northern Cali this year). But on a happier note, the book is going to be a feature film...I was so sad when the book ended because I enjoyed spending time with the characters so I tweeted the author, "I wish this was going to be a movie!"...and wish granted :)

 Now, a bit about the follows a woman named Georgia Ford, who is just two weeks away from her dream wedding when she sees her fiance walking down the street with another woman and a daughter he never told her about. Georgia runs off to her family’s vineyard in Sonoma California only to learn that life at home all isn't exactly in the best shape either...

While the plot line seems a little too rom-com on the surface, Laura Dave offers readers some great insight about human relationships along the way...when to forgive, when to start over, when to change your mind, and when to stand firm.explored that and even how the strongest relationships still need the hard work to keep them at their best. I found the backbone of the story to be inspiring and true to real life.

And I'll leave you with a quote from the book...

"Synchronization. Systems operating with all their parts in synchrony, said to be synchronous, or in sync. The interrelationship of things that might normally exist separately.

In physics: It’s called simultaneity. In music: rhythm.

In your life: epic failure."

What great books have you read lately?