Friday, March 24, 2017

Home Decor: Bedroom Update

It has been eight months since I moved, and it's finally time to start finishing some of the rooms in our home. Since we purchased new construction, there was a good amount of settling over the winter and the majority of the house needs to be re-caulked prior to us painting. So, we decided to do a mini face lift and add some new lighting in the master bedroom. We have very large bed posts, so there is no room for a ceiling fan, plus I've always wanted a chandelier in my room so now seemed like as good of a time as any! Here is what the room looked like before:

 photo home-3_zpshnmpmyeu.jpg

I found this chandelier on Amazon and it was super discounted with not so great reviews. Mostly because you have to attach most of the mini (fake) crystals, but I totally loved the design so I went ahead and bought it anyway. I am so glad I did! It took a good amount of work to get it ready for my dad to install, but in the end it was well worth the many hours I put into adding each crystal and bending the medal to keep them in place.  

 photo home_zps0u7t7dd1.jpg  photo home-2_zps5e6e8goa.jpg  photo home-4_zpskngso3bu.jpg  photo home-7_zpsm7lej7ep.jpg


I've also always really loved the idea of having candelabras hanging on the wall on either sides of the bed. I found these shabby chic ones at a resale shop, and also picked up mini LED candles that flicker. I wanted the beautiful vintage look of burning candles without the possible house fire. ;) In the end I can proudly say, I am loving the new additions! 

 photo home-5_zpsdxeeejnb.jpg  photo home-6_zpsz83vhscg.jpg


Next up, we will be painting, getting a new bedspread, and also adding some drapes. My bedroom is currently a little too white for my husband's taste. I look very forward to finding some artwork for over the bed as well! So many ideas, but on a budget makes for small changes over time. 

How do you update your master bedroom? 
What do you think of my new room additions? 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Rocked it & Swapped it: Neutral Maxi Dress

What is not to love about a mock neck maxi dress? It's the perfect, "it's close enough to Spring that I can pull off a dress" style because it's so transitional. Long enough for colder days with a jacket but light and sleeveless for Summer days and sandals. We're big fans of the pocket detail and the slit in the back (adding a little va va voom to a basic staple piece). We both chose to keep the color palette in all neutral in navy and brown and Lisa in 50 shades of gray but how cute would the dress be with colorful pom pom accessories? True Spring style can't come soon enough!


Do you have any soft, cotton maxi dresses in your wardrobe?
We promse, it will become a go-to piece!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Classic Style

 photo 5X6A6444_zps6sssxvvn.jpg  photo 5X6A6438_zpsrzw9plnb.jpg  photo 5X6A6450_zpsbue1coem.jpg

There is nothing more classic (or timeless for that matter) then a white button up shirt paired with any style jeans. It is effortless and will always be on trend. There is no wrong way to style this look either. Weather you decide to pair your top with a great pair of flare denim or even skinny jeans, each outfit takes on a unique look of it's own. 

I decided to add a few pops of pattern to my outfit by adding this beautiful patchwork cardigan and a great print bucket bag. Next up, I piled on the silver jewelry (hello beautiful silver watch!) and added black sunglasses to tie in the black from my bag and my choker. To finish my outfit I added my favorite navy shooties and I was good to go with a date with my son (did you catch Monday's post?). 

 photo 5X6A6469_zpssxyzlymj.jpg  photo 5X6A6426_zps1yoqqcgc.jpg  photo 5X6A6460_zps5b8xsozl.jpg  photo 5X6A6454_zpsdgkogqp5.jpg  photo 5X6A6448_zps3wabzjqv.jpg
Cardigan: c/o J.Jill // Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger // Top: Express (similar) // Shoes & Sunglasses: c/o Sole Society // Bag: c/o J.Jill // Choker: Amazon // Earrings, Ring, & Watch: c/o Park Lane Jewelry // Chain Ring: Tiffany & Co.

How often do you wear this classic combo? 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Blue Hues + Big News

Style obsessions come and go and coming in hot for me lately, are peplum tops. A little ruffle never hurt nobody, especially a preggo lady looking for an extra boost of flirty and they are super flattering on all body types. I have a growing collection and was excited to add some gingham to the peplum gang -- I jumped at the chance to order this LOFT top (on sale!) because with it being so light, I figured it was perfect for Spring and will pair great with white jeans as well (*tip - as with most things from LOFT, size down with this top...runs pretty big!)

I suppose I love this top because I'm also very into blue hues lately...Perhaps this has something to do with some BIG NEWS we found out last week! My husband and I are still reeling from finding out we have a son on the way. I'm going to have a son...a SON. In case you are wondering, typing those words feels just as surreal as the vision in my mind. I will be honest - For some reason, I was so positive we were having a girl (which makes no sense because it was obviously just a shot in the dark!) But because it's my first pregnancy, I found it fun to play into all the stereotypes and old wives tails, a lot of which made me think bows and tutu's...except for the ladies in my life who thought boy all along because of the way "I'm carrying." Seriously, does any of this stuff hold any truth?

Well, they were right. My Dr. said with much certainty, "looks like you're having a boy!" and I felt slightly blindsided...Sir, I don't have any boy names on deck and I don't know a thing about Matchbox Cars or Dinosaurs (or whatever boy things are cool these days...) But a little while later, I started thinking about my nephew (Lisa's boy) and what a big piece of my heart he has. Like, heart physically hurting when he's in pain or fluttering when he's happy and then I realized it's not about toys or what you "might not know," because it's only what you don't know YET...there's so much time to learn. Soon, I will begin a lifelong relationship with a special boy unlike any other in my life. A gentleman who I hope will always protect me, treat women with much-deserved respect, work hard at something he enjoys and love his Family just as unconditionally as we love him.

I should have figured because it IS customary in my Family for a boy to be born first...I always felt lucky to have an older brother who watched out for me (especially because he's the best one I could imagine), so hopefully we're following that trend. Not to mention, he and my Mom have such a special relationship...they got to spend almost 8 years together before I came along and you can definitely tell how much of her was instilled in him. Her generous spirit and sensitivity are obvious in his actions every day and I love seeing how great of friends they have become. I have so many amazing Mother-son examples in my life and look forward to setting my own soon enough.

Now, back to hanging with my hubs and editing/politely disagreeing over our "baby boy names" google doc... ;) 



Jeans: Destination Maternity (similar)
Trench Coat: H&M
Wedges: c/o Shopbop
Bag: Just Fab (similar)
Bracelet: c/o Park Lane Jewelry
Lipstick: GloMinerals

Monday, March 20, 2017

Mom Monday: Mother-Son Date

I recently wrote about my mother-daughter date and how important it is to spend time with your children outside of the everyday routine we all get into as parents. My husband and I make it a priority and take turns taking them out separately. This time around, it was my turn to have a special day with the most special boy in my life, my son. I don't know about your kids, but my kids love spending one-on-one time with us. Maybe it's the age, but they love having these dates too and that alone is reason enough for me to clear a day for each of them as often as we can.  

My little dude was home from school the entire week leading up to our date (due to a double ear infection and a sinus infection), so we opted for a low energy plan. He has been talking non-stop about seeing the movie "A Dogs Purpose" so I knew that would no doubt be on our itinerary. For me though, I wanted to spend time hanging out too, so we decided to grab lunch on our way to the theater. My son's favorite food is a cheese burger, so we went out to get the biggest burgers we could find. The below photos is of my burger as my son is on a strict gluten free diet and his plate was a burger patty and a side of fruit. ;) 

We sat next to each other because he gets sensory overloaded very easily at crowded restaurants. He has autism and over the years we have found what works best for him and us. Having me close to him so he can put his head down when he is feeling overwhelmed is best for us, so that is what we did. 

We spent time talking about life and we played a rapid fire question game. He would ask me random questions and I would have to say the first thing that came to my mind. I was surprised at how many of his questions for me were about my happiness. Next, I asked him questions and I was surprised (not sure why!) at how logical he truly is. I asked him about his dream job (a scientist) and if he wanted kids. He said he just wanted one as that seems like a good number because kids, college, & cars cost so much. Plus that would leave him enough free time to spend at work and with his wife. UMMM....dude, you are eight, how do you have your entire life planned out?! One of the many reasons my boy is so special. He sees the world so different from anyone I've ever met. I thank God everyday I get to be his mom. What a journey we have been on so far! 

After we finished eating, we still had 40 minutes until the movie started so I asked him if he wanted to try to find ice-cream. Obviously yes mom! A quick google search later and we found a local place that made their own flavors. Little man had chocolate and I went with pistachio. Oh my yum! 

We made it to the movie just in time and as usual he lifted the arm rest up and proclaimed it snuggle time. Both my kids do this. I think that's why I've seen literally every children's movie...I go for their smiles and their snuggles! Right before the movie started I was able to sneak the last photo without him noticing. Can he just stay this age forever. I am raising such a sweet boy who just wants to hold his moms hand and watch movies. You are welcome to his future wife! ;)  

The movie "A Dogs Purpose" is so good you guys. I highly recommend seeing it, but also advise bringing tissues. My son loved it and as a science based brain had so many reincarnation questions. Which by the way he now believes all animals and possible people too (he will have to further investigate) are reincarnated. ;)
Do you ever set aside one-on-one time with your kids outside of the house? I can't wait for our next date as he wants to go go-cart racing! In other news my full outfit post will be on the blog Wednesday so stop back and check that out too if you'd like! xo

Friday, March 17, 2017

How to Make an Iced Lavender Latte

Happy Friday! And St. Patricks Day...most of our celebrations were last week but if you're still going green today, get your healthy Shamrock Shake fix here!
GUYS, I am SO excited to share a new iced coffee recipe with you that I have been DYING to make at home for so long! I recently wrote about 5 of my favorite Midwest coffee spots including Brew Point which is where I tried my first iced lavender honey latte. It was so good that I thought about it for months, afterwards. How can a simple drink make you so happy, you ask? Just wait until you try it yourself...Unless you don't like lavender but that also probably means you're the kind of person who hates puppies - both things are just impossible ;) So if you're skeptical, don't close your mind just yet!

I don't know why I waited so long to recreate this drink because it was so simple to do...probably because dried lavender petals aren't the easiest to come by. I get mine from Fresh Thyme Market because fresh lavender syrup is the key here. You could order a version of it online but it does taste better when it's homemade and more than that, it's actually kind of fun to whip it up yourself. Once you have some made, you will most likely have enough to use in various drinks throughout the week (a hot latte or lemonade would both be perfect!). Because this is an overly powerful scent & taste, you just need a TINY BIT or else it will pretty much taste like you're drinking flowers -- not what we're going for here :)


 1/4 cup fresh lavender petals
3 tbsp honey
1 cup water
1/2 cup granulated sugar
Your choice of cold coffee

 *Sidenote: You could make your own coffee concentrate (easy recipe here) but to save time, I like to store a bottle of pre-made cold brew in my fridge. I typically buy a 48 oz container of Starbucks unsweetened iced coffee but this time around, I used Chameleon Brew.

To make the lavender simple syrup, add the lavender, sugar, honey and water to a medium saucepan over high heat. Bring to a boil, then turn heat to low and simmer for 10 minutes. Let cool.

Fill a cup with ice, add about 2 tbsp of lavender syrup for 1 cup of coffee. Top it off with some milk (I use Califia Farms Toasted Coconut) and you’ve got yourself a slightly sweet lavender latte.

How do you feel about adding lavender in your coffee routine?
It's so nice for Spring!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Rocked it & Swapped it: Red Strappy Flats

There is no such thing as too much of a good thing. OK, maybe there is, but when it comes to wearing these beautiful red flats over and over, we just can't get enough! They are perfect for year-round wear and super comfortable to boot. No matter how you style them, they always steal the show because even if you were wearing all muted colors or a monochrome look, they serve as your pop of color. We constantly get compliments about them on Instagram and when worn out and about. Do they remind anyone else of Dorothy's shoes? There's just something so playful about a red shoe!

When Kaitlyn first wore her red flats from J.Jill, she paired them with a timeless and classic outfit. Ladies, you can literally never go wrong when pairing a white collar shirt with jeans! When I wore my pair last week, I styled them with a denim skirt and lots of stripes. See a few other ways we have styled them here:

With Stripes //  Overalls // Distressed Denim

A great pair of red shoes really are the focal point of any look!

Do you own a pair of red flats? Shop some of of our favorites below!