Monday, July 6, 2015

Blue Jean Baby

I had a fashion focused conversation with a friend recently and we talked about being given the task of picking one item from our closet to pick and wear forever. While she pondered it for a bit, I answered with no hesitation, choosing my jean jacket. Truthly, I don’t think there’s an article of clothing I get more use out of. Not only (do I feel like) it goes with everything but it’s just one of those pieces that makes me feel like myself...

 I recently wrote about how devastated I was when I lost my original one but my replacement has become equally coveted and it really makes the rounds. It’s been hugged by members of the Nashville cast, spent a gorgeous weekend where I got engaged and helped me keep my sense of Spring, even when it was negative degrees outside.

On that note, I know Lisa feels the same way about her denim jacket and I always admire the way she styles it. Nobody can wear a maxi like this girl and to me, the jacket is always the finishing touch. It's effortless, timeless, comfortable, stylish, endurable and I could go on. Literally, the perfect piece.

Here are a few of our best denim moments:

What is the one item in your closet you would keep forever?

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Top Five 4th of July Traditions

Our annual 4th of July party is one of those traditions that's been happening for so long, we can't even remember life before it. Each year, the excitement begins after the out of office message goes live...the time to sit back and experience a true summer weekend is suddenly right around the corner. 

There are new memories to be made in the north woods (how Pure Michigan is this post, btw? Anyone else feel super relaxed by those ads?) But first, we look back on what makes this holiday one of our favorites...




And we're not the only ones sporting patriotic style...


Our neighborhood initiated a morning parade a few years back and it has been the best way to start our morning ever since. We all wake up early to decorate the golf cart (a typical form of transportation in our association) and head to the parade which is short but fun and festive. 

The fire truck starts and everybody follows on the bikes, carts, or by foot, waving at all the neighbors as we go buy, Plus, as an added bonus, ice cream is served to everyone down by the pier at the's the little things :)


Sparklers, the pinata, bag competitions, bocce ball, pier time, and so on... 
Endless sea breeze consumption not pictured ;)


Most of our holiday weekend is consumed with eating...when we finish breakfast, we're already talking about what time lunch will be and when the s'mores will take place that night. Seriously, it's become a running joke...We walk to and from the lake (which includes an approx. mile walk down AND up a giant, can't breathe steep) just to walk off our endless meals. 

Our gracious hostess and AMAZING cook provides 90% of the delicious eats but a "pot luck" vibe has also developed over the years where everyone brings a dish whether it's an appetizer or a dessert. 

In attempts to maintain some kind of nutrition over the long weekend, Kaitlyn made this watermelon cake last year. Simple, festive and a great combination of sweet and savory with the fruit and nuts.


We end every party by a trip down to the pier around dusk to reserve our seats for fireworks. Our whole neighborhood meets up with blankets and snacks...some watch from their boats, some from comfy lawn chairs or some in the arms of their favorite people. However you choose to view the show, it's always the best way to close out the day. 

We will be watching the sunset, waiting for the fireworks and laughing off our daytime drinking stories and often wondering, does it get any better than this?

What are your 4th of July traditions that you look forward to?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

4th of July Pressed (for time) Sandwiches

Our annual 4th of July party at the lake typically casts burgers and brats as the main acts...they're universally liked and it almost seems un-American not to fire up the grill but there are many alternatives that allow you to spend more time with your guests and less time slaving over a hot stove/grill. 

We recently attended Music by the Lake, a Ravinia-esque event up north which invites you to BYOB for a picnic style meal by the water. In the past, we have stocked up on pre-made snacks at the store but this time around, my whiz-in-the-kitchen Mom suggested we try this delicious pressed sandwich recipe from Seasons and Suppers: 

A pressed sandwich is a loaf of bread that's filled with ingredients, wrapped and refrigerated overnight under a weight. The concept is infinitely variable, so you can adjust the ingredients as you like. 

If you're heading to the beach or hosting a party over the holiday weekend, these a great choice because you can make them ahead of time and create a variety of combinations in order to offer a wide selection. We went with this recipe which calls for ciabatta rolls, arugula, bocconini, assorted Italian meats, vinegar and olive oil. 

Let your mouth water from all of these tasty sandwich layers...

"Do I smell an array of assorted Italian cold meats?"

After the sandwiches were wrapped and pressed in the fridge overnight, we wrapped them in striped twine which adds a special touch and really makes you feel like you're opening a gourmet meal rather than your basic everyday sandwich.

Oh, and for the 4th...don't forget to break out all the red, white and blue decor you own...a little (patriotic) party never hurt nobody. To that we say, yes way rosé!

P.S. Have no shame if you choose the bottle based on the label...
Those graphic designers deserve a little love and this one was too cute to pass up ;)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Style Swap

 photo IMG_3584_zpsoieo8lj5.jpg  photo IMG_3616_zps8cm1yo24.jpg  photo IMG_3603_zpskrt8f0lk.jpg 

Yesterday you saw Kaitlyn's twist on my outfit. The jumpsuit, cardigan, necklace, and ring were all mine, but I've never styled the four together. I love how it turned out (and now I'll probably rock that outfit when it all comes back my way) but that got me thinking...are these swaps we're doing morphing our styles more then we realize?

I headed to my latest swap bag and grabbed the first dress that caught my eye...

 photo IMG_3614_zpscp6uni24.jpg  photo IMG_3604_zpsaq5zwrgm.jpg  photo IMG_3587_zpsykdbl8pp.jpg 

As I continued to style my look, I kept thinking "what would Kaitlyn do?" It's always fun to put our own twists on the items we swap, but why not full out use the other person as inspiration? Kaitlyn loves her a great pair of flats so I decided to keep the look good for everyday wear. I added three items of her jewelry and a denim jacket to finish the outfit off. When it came to hair and makeup, I decided to use a recent outfit post of Katie's for inspiration.

Braided faux hawk ponytail & a pink lip? I'm so game for that! 

 photo IMG_3608_zpsrts0rosm.jpg  photo IMG_3613_zpsghpeegtr.jpg
Dress: Old Navy (Swap w/ Kaitlyn) (similar) // Bag: Melie Bianco // Jacket: Pepe Jeans // Shoes: JustFab 
Necklace, Cuff, & Earrings: Swap w/ Kailtyn // Sunglasses: Rayban // Watch: Fossil 

Do you ever style swap with a friend or relative?

Have you ever used myself or Kaitlyn as inspiration in your everyday outfit styling?