Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Purple Rain, Purple Rain

Do you ever get dressed while you're listening to music, then look at yourself in the mirror only to realize it's a bit "on the nose"? That's exactly what happened on this day while I was listening to Prince. Before I knew it I was in a purple dress paired with a purple eyeshadow color pallete and lip color. The only thing I could do was chuckle! I mean....if you can't laugh at yourself. 

On this day, my hubby and I went on a breakfast date. Hiring a sitter isn't always in the budget, so lately we have been trying to get creative. Then it dawned on us, since he was using a few vacation days off work, couldn't we just go out while the kids were at school? Yes we can! And that's just what we did.  

I paired my purple dress with my go-to OTK slouchy boots. Because it was cooler in the morning, I added an oversized denim jacket and wool hat. In the end, this outfit was perfect for our early date and as it warmed up that day, I ditched the jacket, hat, and boots. The outfit took on an entirely new look throughout the day and I loved it. Fashion can so be fun if you let it! 

Dress: Zufal (old) // Boots: c/o Sole Society // Bag: Gigi New York // Hat: Gap (similar
Necklace: c/o Park Lane Jewelry // Jacket: c/o Silver Jeans

What do you think of my purple on purple look? Do you ever dress to music and come out more influnced then your realized? Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! xo

Monday, September 18, 2017

Blog of the Month: Sweet T and a Honey B

All bloggers typically share similar goals, no matter what they're writing about. Finding a little bit of creativity in the every day is usually at the top of the list and our wonderful cousin Teresa is a perfect example. There is so much excitement that comes along with being a newly married woman and homeowner...picking out furniture, making dinner as a couple, setting goals together and so on, all of which she touches on in her adorable lifestyle blog, Sweet T and a Honey B. When Teresa has a free moment from her successful day job in the business world, you can find her adding a healthy touch to a new recipe or DIY’ing a project to spruce up her home. She has so many great ideas, all of which are meant to add a little bit of "sweet" to your day and that they do. We look forward to her posts each week because not only does she write with so much passion but each one is sincere, inventive and definitely worth pinning! Not to mention, she is one of the best people we know...she is the friend who always puts herself first and would do anything for anybody. You can't say that about a lot of people but with her, it's true and the world is definitely a better place because of her presence. 

Here are just a few of our favorite "Sweet T" posts:

Make sure to follow Teresa on Instagram too! 

Thanks for stopping by,

Friday, September 15, 2017

When Overalls Come Full Circle

As I pulled these overalls on, I thought about the last time I styled them on the blog...I was about 2 months pregnant, having just shared the news with our Family and feeling pretty excited about everything. Though it really wasn't that long ago, so much in my life has changed and that's one of great parts of blogging my outfits - Getting to look back not only on what I was wearing but what was going on in my life and how my style was representative of that time. I look at those first overall photos and think, how crazy that I hadn't even started writing about my maternity adventure here yet and now, here I am...wearing the same denim but this time as a Mom to the most wonderful boy who has completely turned my world upside down. Sure, clothes are just clothes but they also accompany us on some of our biggest journeys, providing comfort and nostalgia along the way. 
Speaking of comfort, I am not ashamed to say I have been LIVING in these overalls recently...like, multiple days a week. Not only was I so excited they fit again (though a little differently time around, I might add), but they are also super convenient for breastfeeding thanks to the straps. Not to mention, they pair well with tanks, t's and long sleeves which accommodates our recent Summer/Fall weather patterns so they're a great transitional item. Like I said in the first post, when I wear them, it makes me feel like all my regular jeans just aren't as exciting...there's a little bit of quirkiness to these and I plan on keeping them in my weekly rotation this season. As I type this, I'm also searching for a few more pairs because when you love something, you don't set it free...you get as much of it as you can ;)



Top: c/o J. Jill
Overalls: H&M (similar)
Jacket: J. Crew
Booties: Toms
Bag: Sole Society - sold out but similar here
Choker: c/o Park Lane Jewelry
Lip Color: Demure by Glo Skin Beauty

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

5 Favorite Fall Trends for 2017

With another New York Fashion Week come and gone and the moody temperatures we're experiencing as of late, we are feeling inspired to rotate our wardrobes for Fall. We're always sad to see Summer go, especially in Chicago, but much like a new year, a new season allows us to take advantage of a fresh start and offers a feeling of rejuvenation in so many ways.

Instead of grilling outdoors nightly, we give new life to our crockpots and we trade in light sheets for warm, textured blankets, meant to be shared by the fire. There's beauty in every season and the same goes for Fall style -- We bid farewell to our sandals and sundresses until next year and get excited wear our booties and knits. It seems that new "must-have" trends emerge each year and while there are many this season, we wanted to focus on the more wearable styles instead of those that don't always translate well from the runway to the street. After all, sheer layers and western inspired looks don't scream "everyday wear" (depending on where you work/play, I suppose!)...

Shop our picks in our top 5 categories of Fall Style:

1. Raw Hem Jeans

2. Slip-On Mules

3. Suede/Moto Jackets

4. Moody Florals

5. Party in the Front

What trends are you most excited about this season? 
Not looking forward to? Let us know!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Call Me, Call Me Any, Anytime

 photo sistersmarie-52_zpsczv3xhpv.jpg  photo sistersmarie-48_zpsifheibct.jpg  photo sistersmarie-50_zpsm4ilpwkj.jpg

A good vintage rock tee has been a wardrobe staple of mine for as long as I can remember. I use to love going to thrift stores with my bestie back in high school and college, always on the hunt to find the perfect ones. As I have gotten older, and this trend has become more popular, it's super easy to find amazing rock tees (that have a vintage feel to them) that are brand new and at your favorite stores and local shops. When I saw this Blondie 1980's tour tee, complete with strategic holes in the fabric, I knew I needed to have it. I mean, the color is amazing to mix with my fall wardrobe (well year round wardrobe actually) and it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on my mood and destination that day. 

 photo sistersmarie-47_zpsuxfl8fdy.jpg  photo sistersmarie-53_zps5agzwqpt.jpg  photo sistersmarie-46_zps7jdldrne.jpg

On this day the air was crisp, reminding us that fall is just around the corner. Since it was a family day at the lake house, I wanted to wear something that was comfortable but still looked cute and put together at the same time. By styling my tee with my new favorite crop denim, I was super cozy for a day playing with my kiddos and helping out with my nephew. I mean, you have to be able to sit on the floor and play, then cozy up on the couch with the cutest little bean at any given moment. ;) 

Then to give my look a bit of style, I was inspired by the colors of fall. I added these great red boots and my favorite green jacket of the season to do just that. I love how the orange tee, red boost, and green jacket paired together. Plus, the amazing bird patch details in said jacket, gave it a little something extra. Unlike some outfits I shoot for the blog, I wore this one from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep. I used to blog like that for years, taking photos of what I was actually wearing that day but now-a-days I shoot a few looks in the same day and might not end up wearing any of those looks on that specific day. I like that this is actually an outfit post and not a photo shoot outfit. Fellow bloggers, you know what I mean! 

 photo sistersmarie-54_zps2u3hx6sh.jpg  photo sistersmarie-51_zpsknx2zzlv.jpg
Tee: c/o EVEREVE // Jeans: c/o Silver Jeans // Boots: JustFab // Earrings & Rings: c/o Park Lane Jewelry // Bag: Sole Society // Jacket: c/o cabi Clothing // Necklace: c/o The Moment Jewelry // Watch: c/o Aibi Watch // Bracelet: T+J Designs 
What do you think of this pairing? Are you a fan of collection vintage style rock tees? Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. I hope you make it a great day! xo

Thursday, September 7, 2017

First Road Trip with the Baby

Well, guys...we did it. We successfully made it through our first "road trip" with a newborn. We recently spent 5 days at our lake house with our Family and I am happy to report, it went much smoother than I was anticipating. I owe much of this to the fact that we had many sets of hands to help out whenever we needed, whether it was the thousandth diaper change or a few minutes to ourselves to shower or eat lunch. It was definitely a different kind of Wisconsin visit because we are no longer able to just pick up and go whenever we want to. We typically eat a lot of our meals out when we are there but because the little man is so unpredictable, we mostly cooked at home (and by we, I mean Lake House Lyn -- Thanks, Mom!), and instead of walking the lake path, we did many laps around our neighborhood circle in order to stay closer to the house.  

However, we did manage to get a few of our favorite things in...a Family trip to our favorite ice cream place (baby was happy as long as the stroller was moving!), a walk around downtown LG with stops made to E Street Denim (where sweatshirt dreams come true) and a new bicycle/coffee shop in town -- I tried the nitro brew and it hit the spot. The guys in the Fam also stepped up big time when they took care of the baby for a few hours while all the ladies stepped out for a pedicure and coffee at Boxed and Burlap. I kept insisting that I stay back at the house while the other girls went because I was so overtired and it just didn't seem plausible but I am so glad I went because it was a complete mood changer. A pedi was just what the doctor ordered, complete with hot mango tea and a glorious foot massage. It's amazing what 1 or 2 hours to yourself can do for a Mom's sanity.

But as nice as our trip was, I must share two things worth noting: 
  • The first time you pack for a trip with a newborn in tow is basically a NIGHTMARE. I pretty much packed everything he owns, as I was unsure what we would really need and would rather be safe than sorry. This makes sense for our first time - We've obviously never done this before and I consider it a learning experience for the next trip. But seriously, you would have died if you looked inside our car. We ended up leaving with more things because we brought some items home from the lake (a different swing to try, 3 bags of leftover food, etc.) and unfortunately, this meant the dog had to be demoted to the third row in the car and he was NOT pleased. I feel so bad for him, because these days, he's pushed aside or shushed more than he is snuggled and that is quite a change of pace from our normal routine. We are doing our best though to make sure he still feels included and loved...he is such a good and loyal boy.
  • Ready for a laugh? Picture this - Our car packed to the brim, overflowing in fact. I am sitting in the backseat, pumping next to the baby (who is sleeping soundly, thank God!) and the dog is pretty much stuffed like a sausage in back. Out of nowhere, the baby wakes up very upset so we decide to pull into a gas station to change his pants. At this time, the dog decides it's best to jump over the seat all while my chest is hanging out in public and working overtime and the baby is naked in the front seat. My husband and I are screaming at the dog while I simultaneously try not to spill the milk I've pumped and what's even better is, we're already an hour late for a Family birthday party. THIS, my friends...is parenthood. 😂


Do you have any tips for traveling with a baby? 
I'm all ears for our next trip!


Sweatshirt: E Street Denim
Jeans: Nordstrom
Mules: Forever 21
Necklace & Ring: c/o Park Lane Jewelry
Purse: Sole Society
Lipstick: Demure - Glo Skin Beauty

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Transitional Weather Style

 photo sistersmarie-35_zpssvliddvz.jpg  photo sistersmarie-37_zpskaalqrrv.jpg  photo sistersmarie-31_zpsothekcuq.jpg

You guys, it's official, my kids are back in school (can a get a woot woot?!). The week is so super busy, so my wardrobe is going to have to be as easy and as breezy as these days are. What is better for this transitional weather we are having, then pairing ruffle tees with midi skirts? Nothing in my mind. ;) 

On this day, I only had fifteen minutes to get ready, so I went for an effortless look. By adding this cute ruffle-sleeve tee to my classic red midi skirt, I was ready quickly and still looked put together. I added a great statement necklace, strappy heels, and a denim jacket to finish the look off. In then end, this day three hair only had one cure, a dutch braid on one side and twisted back on the other! 

 photo sistersmarie-33_zpsrxbfxv8s.jpg  photo sistersmarie-36_zpsjdthnbv4.jpg

 photo sistersmarie-30_zpsgifnzoqm.jpg  photo sistersmarie-34_zpsawsok1yf.jpg  photo sistersmarie-32_zpsi455f9rw.jpg
Top & Bag: Express (similar) // Skirt & Jacket: Forever 21 (similar) // Shoes: JustFab // Sunglasses: Raen // Opal Ring & Earrings: Pandora // Necklace: c/o Park Lane Jewelry // Chain Ring: Tiffany & Co // Watch: Movado 

What is your go-to look for this transitional weather we having? What do you do with day three hair (other then washing it that is)? lol Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today! xo