Thursday, June 22, 2017

Rocked it & Swapped it: Cabi Denim Jacket

Let's be honest, I wear my denim jacket with everything. Seriously, I wear it an embarrassing amount (here's just a few examples: Getting coffee, heading to a shower, and paired with stripes (my favorite combo). It gets a small reprieve in the Winter but once the warmers temperatures come back, I notice how often it makes an appearance...but can you blame me? It goes with everything and is the perfect not heavy, not light coat for all situations...just saying! With that said, I was pumped to add another denim jacket to my collection. 

The Locomotive style is a classic jean jacket, updated with an engineer stripe which adds a little edge to a delicate top so I thought it paired well with my lace cami, making for a fun non-maternity look during my 8th month of pregnancy. But let's be serious here, does it get much cuter than Lisa pairing the same jacket with her tulle skirt and polka dot socks? I think this was one of my favorite outfits of hers ever (and that's saying a lot, she always has great style!). It's like Carrie Bradshaw meets the 4th of July and well, that's a winning combination, you guys! 


What do you think of our styling choices? 
I love how different they are, showing the true versatility of a great denim jacket!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

When a Trend Piece Becomes a Wardrobe Staple

 photo fashion-227_zpsuzqxv7ll.jpg  photo fashion-232_zpsyjwkdahd.jpg  photo fashion-228_zpsogkw2jou.jpg

I picked up this tribal print jumpsuit back in early 2014 with intentions to wear it on my girls trip to Nashville. I never in a million years thought I would still be wearing, and loving it, three years later! I honestly thought it was a trend piece and I would get a few wears out of it tops, but here I am styling it year after year. (Check out my remix of this jumpsuit here.) Isn't it an amazing surprise when you pick up a trend piece and it somehow becomes one of your wardrobe staples?

This time around I mixed up the shoes, which by the way I have had for almost four years now as well. Both these items are oldies but goodies! If you check out my remix link above, my shoes and my hair styles are the main two things I mix up when styling this jumpsuit. Since I generally wear it when it's warmer out, a faux leather jacket comes into place on occasion as well. In the end, I added a few gold accessories and a great bag and was good to go for a dinner birthday celebration for my father-in-law last week. 

 photo fashion-231_zps85nq1pnf.jpg  photo fashion-230_zpskhjzlad6.jpg  photo fashion-234_zpscycvtr7b.jpg  photo fashion-233_zpsm013rnmy.jpg  photo fashion-229_zpsfpefzxxi.jpg
Jumpsuit: Nordstrom // Shoes: Zara // Bralette: Etsy // Bag: c/o Sole Society // Earrings: Express // Cuff: c/o Cabi Clothing // Watch: c/o Aibi Watch 
Have you ever purchased an article of clothing thinking you'd wear it a few times and it staying in rotation for years? What do you think of my tribal jumpsuit? Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, I truly appreciate it! xo 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Neon Florals | Pink Blush Maternity Maxi

Today marks the official start of Summer, though having already experienced a few weeks in the 90’s, we’ve been feeling the heat in more ways than one. Combine that with the fact that I am just about 35 weeks pregnant (cue the freak out!) so I have been living for lightweight dresses like this that keep me cool. On one hand, being pregnant in the Summer is amazing because dresses are infinitely more comfortable than jeans, plus, it’s much more simple having to think about one piece of clothing vs. two.  On the other hand, it’s not as easy to spend as much time outside as I’d like to on those scorching days…typically, I would be at the lake, on the boat, our sitting on our deck during every free moment but when it’s so hot that you sweat walking to the car, AC seems like a much more pleasant option. 

HOWEVER...Lately, I have been dying to sit in a pool, whether it's in ground, above ground or inflatable. I'm not picky here, friends but me and my bikini have been dreaming of floating in a large amount of water and if it was conveniently located in my backyard, even better. Apparently my husband was listening intently during my ranting sessions because a giant blow up pool showed up at our doorstep the other day and he said it was to keep his wife and baby nice and cool...I just about melted. It's the little things like this that make this experience a little easier and I am so lucky to have him by my side. P.S. Stay tuned for photo documentation of me, possibly sprawled across this guy in a kiddie pool...I have no shame.

As for this dress, the minute I put it on, I was wishing I have 10 more just like it. In the world of maternity clothes, it's the ultimate feel good outfit, not only because I would wear this kind of style on a regular basis but I also found it to be super flattering which can be hard come by during week 35. When my cousin saw me in this dress, she said, "Seriously? That's what I looked like at 4 months pregnant!" Full disclosure, that is not how I feel but nonetheless, she made me feel really good about myself. I've tried my best to eat healthy (after the first trimester, that is -- holy ice cream obsession!), fit regular walks into my schedule and keep busy around the house to stay in the best shape I can as I get close to the end so I appreciate the kind words from Family and friends. It's nice because I imagine I will also get some use out of pieces like these for weeks after the baby arrives so I feel good about building some staple Summer pieces into my maternity wardrobe.

Thanks for stopping by today! Xo


Dress: c/o Pink Blush
Shoes: Dolce Via for Target - similar
Bag: Acquired from Cheryl at our last Swap Party - similar here
Sunnies: T&J Designs

Thursday, June 15, 2017

One-Ingredient (Healthy) Banana Ice Cream

Throughout my pregnancy, my girlfriends have been curious about my cravings. Much like most of my other symptoms, the answer is I haven't really had any (thanking my lucky stars!). The only real differences I've noticed in my diet preferences have been a regular thirst for Diet Coke (which I NEVER used to drink) and some additional requests for ice cream. This is really nothing out of the ordinary for my husband and I because we were already both such frozen treat freaks.

We live walking distance to a Menchie's so during the Summer (okay, let's not lie, year round) you can typically find us there fixing our favorite fro-yo concoctions or if we're feeling really wild, going all out with a few scoops of the real deal at our favorite Family place by the lake, Meggy Moo's.  I've always enjoyed ice cream but over the past few years, it has become my true love in the dessert world. My go-to flavors are first and foremost chocolate chip cookie dough and birthday cake remix but lately, I've thrown a few other contenders in including coconut, mocha and pistachio. Are you hungry yet? Seriously, as I type this, I'm having visions of all these delicious flavors. But one important thing to mention is, as I get closer and closer 40 weeks, I'm giving more thought to my post-baby nutrition plan so while I know there will be many Summer ice cream outings, I like to have healthy alternative options to even things out a bit. 


When my husband and I got married, we received the Yonanas maker as a gift and it has remained one of our most-used presents (one we didn't even know existed!) It allows us to indulge in "ice cream" without any of the guilt and so much simplicity...

By adding any combination of frozen fruits to the chute on the machine, like over-ripe bananas, berries, or mango, you press the on button and are left with a smooth "ice-cream" like taste and consistency...who needs a fro-yo place anyway? It instantly turns frozen fruit into a healthy dessert without additional fat, sugar or preservatives compared to other ice cream treats...yes please! 

I always have bananas in the freezer ready to go for breakfast smoothies so it's our go-to for one ingredient ice cream...just add your favorite toppings and it's ready in literally seconds!

What is your favorite Summer treat? 
Do you ever make your own ice cream at home?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Giving the Cold Shoulder | Floral Cabi Top

You don’t have to look far for this Summer’s best accessory – All you need is a little shoulder pop and thanks to all the different off the shoulder tops currently trending, there is an option for everyone. I love this chiffon, floral style because the subtle straps help it stay put (no annoying adjustments during the day!) and the soft ruffle across the chest and sleeves gives it romantic, feminine vibes. 

I stumbled upon this shirt at the perfect time because it has a loose fit which leaves some room for my growing baby bump yet still allows me to embrace my personal style. For me personally, one of the hardest things about these 9 months has been feeling "out of my element" when it comes to my clothes. I shouldn't be complaining because nowadays, there are so many cute maternity options available to expecting Mother's. My Mom has told me multiple times that she had two sweaters - a party sweater and a work sweater and would basically wear them on repeat because there just wasn't a plethora of things to choose from. So when I think about that, I feel lucky to have so many current trends that are also made in maternity styles but I still miss my old wardrobe and being able to pick out anything I want to wear for the day. It's a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things but I am really looking forward to that day I can pull on my skinny jeans again... :) 

P.S. This outfit was featured on the Cabi blog as part of a maternity style project ...

Stop by to check it out! I had so much fun working on it :)


What do you think of the cold shoulder trend this season? 


Top: c/o Cabi Clothing
Jeans: Jessica Simpson - Destination Maternity (similar)
Shoes: c/o Shopbop
Purse: Sole Society (similar)
Sunnies: Old Navy
Necklace: c/o Cabi Clothing

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hands-Down my Favorite Jumpsuit

 photo fashion-218_zpsjsl6sxkh.jpg  photo fashion-213_zpsizm0klqk.jpg  photo fashion-214_zpslvsucfo2.jpg

OK, so for years I have been rocking jumpsuits and I totally love them. But with all jumpsuits and rompers alike, the main issue is when you have to go to the bathroom. It's super annoying not to mention a bit embarrassing when you have to get fully undressed to "go". You guys, this one fixed that problem! It is attached in the front and not in the back so you just have to pull the pants down to go, not take off your entire outfit. How come no one else has figured it out before this? Well played Cabi Clothing, well played! If I was you I would buy this beauty sooner then later because they are in high demand and in limited quantity. I do have to say this is like wearing my pajamas in public so on top of being happy with my outfit, I was also beyond comfortable. 

 photo fashion-215_zpsfplryu16.jpg  photo fashion-216_zpstlew68hx.jpg  photo fashion-217_zpsh1spf4uf.jpg

OK, here is how the jumpsuit works: The top is flowy and loose so it covers your back end allowing you to feel less exposed in more fitted bottoms. And side note, it has pockets...who doesn't love a pocket? In the front of the jumpsuit, it is connected (shown in the middle photo below). That is the only place this jumpsuit is connected! As you can see in the third photo below, the back is not attached leaving you with easy access. ;)

This beauty can be dressed up or down, worn under a blazer or without a belt and flats for a more everyday look. I have to say, it is hands-down my favorite jumpsuit that I have ever owned. Which says a lot if you know me, because I have tons of them!

 photo fashion-212_zps50xm4uwy.jpg
Jumpsuit & Necklace: c/o Cabi Clothing // Shoes: Sole Society (old) // Belt: B-low the Belt // Watch: c/o Aibi Watch // Earrings: Baublebar for Target // Cuff: Coach // Rings: c/o Park Lane Jewelry
What do you think of the design of this item? Do you like how I styled it? Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today! xo 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Rocked it & Swapped it: Striped Cabi Cardigan

I can't speak for Kaitlyn, but I had no idea I always wanted needed a long stripe cardigan in my wardrobe. Sure, I have styled long cardigans in the past, but this one is just so amazing. The style, the quality, the mis-matched stripes on the sleeves...swoon! A giant thank you to Cabi Clothing for hooking us both up with this beauty. If you guys want it, shop soon as their Fall line will be coming out in a few short months (which by the way is ah-may-zing!) and when it's gone, it's gone. 

When I styled my long stripe cardigan, I was in Los Angeles and wore it over a classic tank and shorts with some great mules. The cardigan was perfect to keep me warm in the air conditioning during the day and later that night when I was outside. When Kaitlyn styled her cardigan, she wore with with white demin and a classic tee for a Memorial Day style inspired look. P.S. How cute is her chambray ribbon panama hat? LOVE! 


Do you have a long cardigan in your wardrobe? 
What do think of this beauty and how we styled it? 
Thank you for stopping by the blog today! Xo