Monday, August 10, 2015

A Crochet Kind of Day

Lately, it seems like we live at the lake, right? If only...that is my dream, after all. This summer has been so busy that it feels like we should be granted a do over for the first half…There was a lot going on between bridesmaid duties, birthdays and a loss in the family of somebody very special to me, so I have been trying to take full advantage of these last few weeks to enjoy some “me” time and indulge in my favorite moments, most of which are spent by the water with my family. 

My mood is very dependent on the season and summer is my happiness. I know we've still got some beautiful weeks ahead of us but I was sitting on our deck the other night and and the air just felt and different. In an episode of SATC, Carrie notes that you can sense the change from summer to fall just by smelling the air and on this night, I felt that presence…not that it’s already here but that it’s coming and I felt a little sad. 

Even though I'm no longer a student (for now, that is), my husband is a teacher so all of the back to school chit chat doesn't make the adjustment any easier. I enjoy fall (and very few parts of winter), but for me, there is no comparison to summer at the lake so I find myself needing an extra boost of encouragement this time of year...that and a reminder that this feeling eventually will return.

Now, let’s chat about this top – Not only do I love it because it’s PERFECT for a lakeside evening but it’s a bit out of my style comfort zone. Typically, I’m a little more prepster than coachella but as I spend time with Lisa and test out different trends in my own way, I start to feel more confident in them. I never recommend forcing anyone to adapt a trend just because it’s popular…so often, it doesn’t blend with your personality. 

For example, I know that Birckenstocks have made a comeback, but for me, there is no motivation to add these to my collection. They don’t do anything for me so rather than try to "fit in" and feel out of place, it’s just something I don’t indulge in. The trick is feeling comfortable enough to try it out and then making it work for you, not everyone else.

Top (similar and this one great for fall), bag, necklace: Forever 21 | Jeans & Sandals: Old Navy 
Sunnies: Target | Bracelets: Swap w/Lisa