Friday, July 29, 2016

Blog of the Month: New Darlings

Ladies, prepare yourselves - The blogging duo you're about to meet defines "relationship goals" and can be summed up in one emoji: The heart eyes. 

Say hello to Robert & Christina, the lovely bloggers behind New Darlings, a lifestyle destination featuring creative inspo for everything from home decor to fashion and beauty to travel, but most of all, the love and friendship they share. The couple recently moved from New York to Arizona, leaving behind everything they knew to start a fresh journey together and document it through beautiful photos in this online journal. We stumbled upon their blog via Instagram not too long ago and have been adoring them since. Her retro-inspired style (and perfect bangs! Reminds us of Lisa a bit but also, Aubrey Peeples...yay Nashville!) and his unkempt facial hair with a trendy high and tight to wonder they photograph well :)

But seriously, not only do we enjoy reading about their moments, big & small, but their collection of photos is just gorgeous. You can tell they have put a lot of time into finding and perfecting their shooting style and their efforts have paid off.  How wonderful that this brand they have created is something they did together? Everything is more fun with a best friend.

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