Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rocked it & Swapped it

Kaitlyn and I have been swapping items from our closets for years! As girls with busy schedules who take photos at most events, it's important to us not to be repeat offenders all the time, so a bi-weekly swaps help to keep things fresh. These are two of the first items we swapped (circa 2010).

This tunic is from Target and it belongs to Kaitlyn:

This dress is from Lulus and belongs to me:

Can you tell we both wore this dress in Vegas? I went with my hubby and a few months later Kaitlyn went with her girlfriends and borrowed the dress. Red is one of those fierce colors that automatically makes you feel more powerful...Too bad that didn't pan out at the Blackjack table! I do love that we both took mirror pictures (it's totally acceptable in Sin City) You will see a lot of "great minds think alike" moments here for sure! ;)