Friday, May 23, 2014

Because Lisa Hosted a Kids Bday Party!

How am I the mother of a six year old? A six year old! For the record, I'm not one of those people who thinks they are "so old" on every birthday...I truly love birthdays. I am a thirty five year old mother of two and proud of it. But for some reason when my kids have birthdays, I feel old. Why is that? But I digress.. 

My son knew this year he wanted a karaoke themed party so naturally we turned our backyard into his wish come true. The weather was a perfect 68 and sunny so I decided to wear a shift midi dress. Super easy, plus cozy and great for moving around so I could dance my butt off as my little man sings!

 photo 6b15981a-ee29-4e7c-af4b-11f352f3ba9a_zps8e056dbc.jpg  photo 0cbd5b1d-f03a-461a-8cf2-731b69a861d6_zps3b70b3e2.jpg  photo dec7b344-90c9-4f0d-b71e-5f13fe93cd65_zps4fcc5e61.jpg
Dress: Nordstrom // Key Necklace: EG Jewelry // Shoes: Shoemint // Sunnies: Prada // Bow Ring: T+J Designs

I always let my kids decided what type of party they want. We've done everything form an auto show theme to a dress-up tea party (yes, I think the adults enjoyed those hats more than the kids). It makes it way more fun for your child when they get to plan it. It makes it a bit more difficult for you as a parent to bring it to life, but I love a good challenge! 

Here is his gluten free, triple layer birthday cake. 

We picked up a helium tank and bought different guitar, music note, and colored balloons to have inside. My son picked literally everything out with me.

A great thing about having a outdoor kids party is you can use sidewalk chalk and get away with it. The night before the party while the son was inside I grabbed the chalk and wrote all over my patio, fence, and even the side of our brick house. He was so excited when he saw it. I love that something so simple and inexpensive made his face lite up so much.

We had seating in the yard and on the porch so guests could listen and watch the karaoke from all angles. We also kept the grass open for the hula-hoop competition, Gangnam Style dance contest, and Cha-cha Slide. Oh yes, this happened.

My son was so excited when his grandparents got up and sang. We all enjoyed their rendition of Sunny and Cher's, "I got you babe".

Obviously Kaitlyn and I sang Wilson Phillips "Hold On" (Bridesmaids style) And we were good in case you thought otherwise ;) 

My little love sang Katy Perry's "Roar" twice. And by sang I mean full on belted it out and KILLED IT! I was in the crowd dancing seriously so proud of him as he read the words and rocked out all by himself.

We couldn't be any prouder of our son! My husband and I are truly blessed and we hope our kids know that we feel that way.

What do you do for your kids birthday parties? What would you sing at a karaoke party?