Monday, May 19, 2014

Because We Love Peapod!

For the past 10 years, I watched our groceries get delivered to our house by a green truck and unloaded in our entryway by (typically) a chivalrous gentleman. My mom was one of the first adopters (or maybe THE first) of Peapod. I always assumed it must have been an extravagant cost because it was so out of the ordinary at the forward to married life where working two jobs and maintaining life in general doesn’t always allow for hours at the Jewel. 

I placed my first Peapod order a few weeks ago and have been hooked ever since. Lisa has used it for years now too because it allows her to maximize the most of her time with two children at home and not to mention, select the best gluten-free options for their dietary needs by carefully scouring their virtual grocery aisles.

From the homepage, you can browse all the aisles by category (just as you would in the store), express shop to repeat items from a previous order, see the specials from the week and search the Peapod recipes (which includes links to all items you will need). 

I place the same order every time with a few variations so it’s EXTREMELY helpful to have access my last order and repeat the items I've run out of. I love that I can also check all the nutritional facts and search by subcategory (low calorie, sugar free, fat free, etc). Best of all, we recently had a Peapod pick-up location open up in our area so I can place my order, drive up to the facility and have my groceries loaded in my car for no extra charge. It is shopping BLISS. 

I also follow them on Pinterest for great recipes, themed party ideas, specials and of course, where in the world is that famous green truck?

Have you tried Peapod? First time users get $20 OFF their order! Use code RMN20 (Expires 5/31)