Friday, October 24, 2014

Outtakes: Lisa

 Last month I showed you some of my outtakes. Well I'm at it again, as I take so many frames per outfit posts and you guys see less then half of them. I decided to show you some of the good, the bad, and the down right awkward.

So without further ado, I give you my outtakes:
 photo 6df98b79-191a-4892-a6c1-9e7b3634b05d_zpsacd1033e.jpg  photo c4a7bbc7-a27c-4b79-8e27-90cb7587c6a6_zps1678ca01.jpg
These first two pictures are proof of what happens when I shoot with Kaitlyn. We laugh, I clearly talk while she is shooting, and it makes for some very unusable, yet very fun shots.

The next one is a great example of what some call "resting bitch face". Yep, can't use this one! ;)
 photo bb5c0efc-73dd-4c67-9b7b-3fd826223968_zps115ed138.jpg

I don't always have someone to take photos of myself and although I do have a remote, I generally use the timer. Yes, I walk the the camera, set the timer, run to my mark, pose for 8 frames, and repeat. This is one of my unusable timer pictures. 
 photo 33701d18-ffbd-457d-a64f-d321cd566d48_zps24e64815.jpg

The last two are me fixing my hair. I find I do this quite a bit when I go back though my film and look for the top 6-8 that will make the post.  When you shoot outdoors the wind plays a factor and so does the lack of wind. After years of outdoor photos I think I almost have it down! lol

 photo IMG_5316_zpsf0c0f434.jpg  photo IMG_5403_zpsf6420b3a.jpg
I'm pretty sure my favorite is the down right silliness and awkwardness of the first photo. It's between that one and my "resting bitch face" one for sure. 

What do you think? Do you like seeing outtakes?

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