Friday, August 7, 2015

Let's Talk Earrings

Lisa: Today we are talking about everyday earring styles. Whether you sleep in your earrings, keep it more on the basic side, or you want to go a bit more edgy, we've got you covered. First, let's talk about earrings you can wear daily, sleep in, and just take out of your first hole. I recently went on a bit of an earring scavenger hunt (if you will) to search for the perfect everyday earrings in both silver and in gold. Truth is, I never take my diamonds out of the second hole, so I just rotate the first hole. Then in an odd turn of events, I tried putting an earring into my cartilage and the earring went in...

OK, let me back up. When I was 19 years old, I had my cartilage pierced. Now fast forward 17 years and somehow that bad boy never closed. So, my hunt started for the perfect earrings (one in silver and one in gold) for the top hole. I didn't want something thick and bold so I headed to Claire's Boutique to look for some earring options. As luck would have it, I found these beautiful delicate earrings made for a nose ring hole.  Why not use them in your ears? An earring is an earring after all, right? Plus they are comfortable enough to also sleep in and keep in daily, so that was a big win in my book.

Here is my gold look. I found these simple bar earrings and it's perfect for everyday wear:

 photo earrings_zps8tagcibi.jpg

For my silver everyday earrings, I now wear these beautiful triangle earrings I ended up buying from Rocksbox. I mean, I needed them right?

 photo silver20jewelry_zpstt0lbjmt.jpg

Kaitlyn: Once you've got the basics down, you can incorporate some edgier earring styles which we love to mix and match. Lately, Forever 21 has been so on point (slash fleek...sorry, I just can't do it!) in the accessories area so I made sure to scoop up a few styles to round out my daily rotation of basic diamonds.

This pair is my current favorite (similar here). This is actually called an "ear jacket" and not going to lie, I definitely felt a little more bad ass wearing these...which is exactly what I was going for ;) Love how it starts with a basic stud but transitions into a half moon shape adorned with more detail. These aren't your every day earrings, my friends...

Another style I'm loving are the ear pins that go vertically up your ear instead of dangling down. I specifically like this version because the diamonds keep it elegant but the style makes it a little more's such a great way to add in a little personality without changing your entire unexpected surprise, if you will ;)

Shop some of our new favorite earring trends, all under $6 (aka time to stock up!)