Friday, September 11, 2015

Book Chat: Zoo

"All over the world, brutal attacks are crippling entire cities"...

I loved this book! My mother-in-law raved about it (and also watches the TV series based on the book) so it was only a matter of time before I jumped on the "Zoo train." My grandma (in-law) recently passed away, and I was given her copy to read...just knowing she read the exact same pages made me very happy. I treated the book like it was made of glass & returned it to Lake House Lyn within 5 days of borrowing...because it was hers and because it was just that good!

A bit about Zoo by James Patterson:

Jackson Oz, a young biologist, watches the escalating brutal attacks with an increasing sense of dread. When he witnesses a coordinated lion ambush in Africa, the enormity of the violence to come becomes terrifyingly clear. With the help of ecologist Chloe, Oz races to warn world leaders before it's too late. The attacks are growing in ferocity, cunning, and planning, and soon there will be no place left for humans to hide.

"With wildly inventive imagination and white-knuckle suspense that rivals Stephen King at his very best, James Patterson's ZOO is an epic, non-stop thrill-ride from one of the best of the best." (TIME)

I thought the book was addictive, interesting, and really scary as it's not too far off from something that can actually happen. I'm serious, the explanation as to why all the animals were attacking was honestly something I can say could possibly happen. OK, scientifically I'm not sure how real it could be, but it sure seemed conceivable given this crazy world and everything we see on the news from day to day ... ;)

I found it very interesting how you followed a few main characters but the book also jumped around and told stories about what was happening all around the world. Each chapter was different so that made me never want to put the book down. The plot also time hopped quite a few times which I found interesting. In the end, the book didn't tie a pretty little bow and finish up with an ending everyone would love....It was more believable this way. 

Side note: I recently started watching the TV series too. I loved the book, but the changes they made for the series is really good. If you liked or loved the book, I'd say watch the series too! 

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