Friday, November 13, 2015

Blog of the Month

Blogger content is everywhere we look, almost definitely to the point of over-saturation. Instagram provides us with inspiration first thing every morning, whether it be for that day’s outfit selection or that night’s dinner recipe, we are continually looking to our fellow creators for something new. Everybody has something worth sharing that makes their own blog unique but when I think of original ideas in the style category, Alena is one of the first faces that comes to mind.

Just the other day, I screen shotted (that’s a verb now, right?) 3 different outfits she posted on Instagram…she proudly posted frilly socks with lace up booties, sneakers with a tutu and a combination of pattern play that I would have never considered (see below, 1, 2 & 3)

I have never met her, but I can only imagine that these outfits are a perfect reflection of her playful personality because her style exudes fun and happiness. Her style makes me want to think more outside the box of what you might see in magazines or paired together on a store mannequin... After all, what's the point of fashion if you aren't taking a risk every now and then?

Here are a few more of Alena's looks that we've favorited:

What bloggers inspire you with their original style?