Monday, November 16, 2015

Lisa's Blogging Bloopers, Volume 7

Happy Monday friends! What better way to start the week then by laughing at me with me at some recent blogging bloopers. Some of these photos are awkward, some are the reality of wind and wearing lipstick, and some are just plain funny! I hope you enjoy the seventh edition of my cutting room floor shots.

I literally have no idea what is happening here!
 photo IMG_4412_zpszsk5dbnp.jpg (source)

"Hair caught in lipstick, please hold."
 photo IMG_4457_zps9cwliapb.jpg (source

Hair caught in lipstick (again), Kaitlyn's shadow in frame (which I actually love!). 
 photo IMG_4904_zpshju7dxry.jpg (source

I think I'm going for "parting velociraptor" here. 
 photo IMG_5329_zps2pzxoxwk.jpg (source

"Kids...I may look busy, but I'm watching you still!"
 photo IMG_5266_zpsc0b6fmnk.jpg (source

"OK, but seriously who would come here and sit on these in real life?"
 photo IMG_5663_zps9zgwj2ad.jpg (source

"Babe, the backdrop is no good from that side. Why are you messing with me?" ;)
 photo IMG_5961_zpsrkf4t1zp.jpg (source

Kaitlyn rapid firing and me not able to control the giggles. 
 photo IMG_5934_zpsivqulewe.jpg (source

Which is your favorite outtake from above? Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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