Friday, November 20, 2015

Festive & Foil-Stamped

As I sit here joyfully listening to Christmas music (thank you 93.9 for flipping the switch), I realize some of you are totally offended by the fact that the Holiday spirit is in many ways, already upon us, but you must understand: I wait all year for these few weeks, few being the key word. I love nothing more than the cozy feelings of the season, and to me, it never lasts long enough. With that said, my husband and I host Thanksgiving at our house so this weekend while I sing along with Bing Crosby, I will also be putting up my turkey and harvest décor. I might be inviting some argument here, but I see no reason the two holidays can’t co-exist…Whether I’m drinking out of a (snowflake-less) red cup or watching Home Alone (again!), I will also be making a list of what I’m feeling grateful for and perfecting this years sweet potato casserole. 

In a world where we are busier than ever and as a result, permanently stressed out, I won’t apologize for relishing in the things that make me happy, even if it’s prior to the suggested date on the calendar...and do we really need more things to complain about? Seemingly, people are never satisfied...if we start celebrating too early, you're ruining Thanksgiving but if Starbucks forgoes the cup's precious graphics, it's an affront against Christian faith (or what he said). 

It's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the let's let it be. 

Speaking of wonderful, I may or may not have been watching Jimmy Stewart while addressing my 2015 Christmas cards. After my Aunt told me she cut last year's picture out and framed it, it solidified my thinking that Tiny Prints is the perfect choice again for this years festive greeting.

As women tendsto be, I was quite indecisive on the design this year, especially because I am obsessed with the new foil-stamped selection...there were two options I loved and after asking multiple family members and co-workers, I still couldn't come to a decision (first world problems FOR SURE), but with my merry spirit in tow, I decided there was no pressure to just choose one so I ordered half of of both worlds :) 

See both designs here: One | Two

I wasn't sure how the gold foil would look in person, especially on the white background because it seemed a bit light on my screen, but in person, they are even better than I imagined. The foil is embossed on the card stock, giving it a three dimensional element. But let's be honest, is anyone paying attention to the design when Fitzgerald is clearly the center of attention? ;) 

I can't wait to send these out...
Which card is your favorite? 
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