Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Cookie Traditions

Every year, my Mom, best friend and I spend the Sunday before Christmas whipping up our favorite Christmas cookie recipes. We spend hours in the kitchen (comfy clothes required!), making a mess, trying that year's signature drink and tasting our masterpieces. Afterwards, we pile in the car to browse the neighborhood lights and often make a (totally unnecessary) stop at Portillo's for hot dogs and fries because by that time, we're ready for "real" food after hours on a sugar high...

This year, among many others, we made our classic recipes including toffee bars, peanut butter kisses, my Mom's "nerds" (these are a top secret recipe!) and the staple of every party, the frosted sugar cookies. By the way, we have officially found the BEST sugar cookie recipe...we have used it 2 years in a row now and it's so good, that it's hard not to eat every bit of the raw dough before you even form it to bake >> find it HERE!

In addition to cookie tasting, we always have "side snacks" prepared to eat while things bake...this is really just an excuse to inhale more sweets and salt. My Mom always has some great apps to share including fig butter and multiple kinds of spreadable cheeses...this year we added some pizza dip and peanut butter balls (thank you for bringing these into my life, Hormel! They are addicting!)

We always start early so by 6:00pm, we're ready to collapse from a sugar-induced coma but there's usually a few last things to be frosted or sprinkled...

And even though we're exhausted, there's always time for Prosecco (with the CUTEST stopper!) and a quick trip to see some beautiful lights.

What treats do you make for the holiday season? 
Do you ever have a bake-a-thon day?

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