Monday, January 25, 2016

How We Do Date Night

Whether you've been married 10 years or dating 10 weeks, date night is an event that should never lose its spot on the calendar. It may feel redundant to hear that seeing how every Glamour dating column includes this as a way to "keep the spark alive" but we're beating a dead horse for a reason, ladies. Redbook survey of readers found 45 percent of couples "rarely" have date nights while 18 percent said they manage to go out around once a month. This is not enough!

Finding time for the two of you, whether it’s as simple as dinner and a movie or trying something new, like a weekend East Coast road trip (hint, husband!), is so important, as these moments are reminders of why you fell in love and contributing factors to creating new shared experiences.

Whatever your plans are for a night with your favorite, we've got you covered! Looking for something new to do in the city? Try this guide on for size. For everything from style to home decor, shop our favorite looks for love right here:

Date night style tip: Soft romantic looks always work...think blush tones, sequin embellishments and tulle. After all, when else can you dress like an adult ballerina and get away with it? ;)

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How often do you do date night?
Do you dress up, even for date nights in?