Thursday, January 7, 2016

Rocked it & Swapped it

I see a lot of outfit inspiration on Instagram on a daily basis...more often than not, I think, "that's so cute!", leave a comment and and move on with my day. But every now and then, there is a piece that stands out so much, I need to pause from my morning scrolling and find out where it's from and more importantly, if it’s still available...

I felt this way when I saw Jessica in this tunic turtleneck…I loved everything about it from the color, length (I die for long tops...#tallgirlprobs), and the fact it was sleeveless, making it the perfect layering piece. Then I saw the open back and fell in love all over again. Before I had a chance to grab it from Nordstrom, I saw it appear in Lisa’s photos and was thrilled when it showed up in my most recent swap bag. Thank you, sister! 

I enjoy how different of an approach we both took to styling this piece...Lisa stuck with mostly black and let the sweater be her pop of color and topped everything off with her adorable beanie (my favorite winter accessory!) As a known lover of stripes, I chose to go for some print mixing by pairing this long sleeved top with my plaid Sperry's. 

No matter how you wear it, it's the perfect winter sweater!

Which way would you wear this top?