Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A (Fashion) Day Off

My life has been nuts lately! Between my kids (helping out at their school, up to date annual doctors, everyday life/book reading/playing/etc), putting our home on the market and house hunting, tax season, keeping up with two blogs, being present in my marriage, and finding time to get my tush to the gym & yoga for me time, I'm burning the candles at both ends. I decided I needed a day off and that included a day off from fashion. What better day then Valentine's Day to give yourself a break? 

I spent the morning making free form heart-shaped pancakes, complete with bacon arrows for my family. My kids & hubby loved them and it made me happy to see them so excited over, well...just pancakes! ;) The rest of the morning was spent lounging around before a quick lunch and dashing out to a family party. This was the point of the day I decided, I will not spend over 30 minutes picking out a cute outfit, curling my hair, and putting makeup on! I am going to a family party, but it's a Sunday and no one will think twice if I show up on my PJ's. 

I literally got ready in five minutes. Pony tail, skinny jean, sweatshirt, ankle boots, and about 1 minute worth of makeup on. Yes, I look like a kid, but I'm cozy and it feels good to not have a statement necklace and other heavy or restrictive items on. Hey, I can be a fashion blogger who takes a day off here and there guilt free, right? Right! 

Top // Jeans // Boots: DSW // Earrings // Ring
What do you wear on your fashion days off?