Monday, March 14, 2016

Must-Have Spring Shoes for 2016

Lisa's Wish List:
Each year I try to add some neutral flats, wedges, and crop boots to my wardrobe. Since these will become my daily staples, I like to keep them brown, black, and navy so they effortlessly add to what I already have and wear. I totally want all white chucks this year, a color I have avoided in footwear for years. Yes, it is hard to keep it clean, but I feel like these are a must have for this Spring. In addition, I am loving the gladiator evolution and can not wait to add a few pair of those to my collection as well! And don't forget a pair of pastel pumps, a staple for every spring wardrobe for sure!

Kaitlyn's Wish List:

To a certain extent, I am Lisa's opposite when it comes to my Spring shoe collection. Post Winter, I look forward to incorporating more color into my wardrobe, so I'll be looking for a few statement pairs of shoes in bright blues, pinks and stripes to add a bit of playful qualities to my looks. I have always been in love with sneakers with everything, so I'm really glad everyone else has decided to participate in this trend as well... I love these striped and glitter keds and am also on the hunt for the ultimate pair of women's high tops...keep me posted if you have any suggestions! 

What shoes are on your list this Spring?