Friday, April 8, 2016

5 Festival Hair Styles


I love the summer season for so many reasons. The obvious first, is sunshine which leads to lots of amazing live music festivals nationwide. The hair styles we get to rock during these shows are a close second for sure. We get to relive the summer loving vibes of Woodstock while putting our own modern twist on it. It's important to embrace the culture when attending these shows, but not to the point that you look like you are wearing a Halloween costume (check out these do's & don't post I wrote).

I've rounded up 5 of my favorite hairstyles to wear during festival season. However, I fully intend to wear these looks for more then just concerts. 

1) Floral Crown paired with beach waves

2) Floppy hat with boho braids

3) Half-up with waves and braids
4) Boxer braid pigtails 

5) Half-up top knot

Stop by Monday for a festival-inspired style OOTD!
What is you go-to hair for festival season? 
Do you see any styles above that you would wear on a regular day? 

I know I'll be rocking Vanessa's top knot weekly and full disclosure, I wore the boxer braid pig tails yesterday! ;)