Tuesday, August 2, 2016

5 Tips for Travel Style

Happy Tuesday, friends! I just returned from a short work trip to Vegas and it feels great to be home (doesn't it always?). I have been to the land of sequins and shine for work in the past few years more times than I can count (8-10?) and a few times for personal vacation so at this point, I'm just about all stripped-out. Whenever I tell anyone I'm traveling to Vegas on business, the response is something like, "How awesome! You're so lucky!" but truthfully, it tends to get really old, really fast...especially for someone who doesn't appreciate it much in the first place. 

I enjoyed it the first time I went...walk the strip, see a show, (Beatles LOVE was amazing!) eat a great meal, get a giant drink from Carnival Court and you're golden. But honestly, I don't believe you need to see it more than once. I don't really gamble (unless somebody gives me expendable $ for video blackjack...then my addictive personality kicks in!) and these days, I would much rather spend my time in a naturally-beautiful setting, where I can walk/hike or be near water. The bright lights tend to burn you out after a while...

With that said, this trip was a little unique because my husband was there for a bachelor party at the same time so he extended his trip an extra day and we made plans for a nice dinner out. One thing I DO love about Vegas are the Bellagio Fountains, especially when they're in sync with a Sinatra tune. It reminds me of what I imagine Vegas used to be like in the 40's-50's...more classy, less shady. We ate outside on the patio at my favorite restaurant, Olives. It overlooks the fountains and offers a great view of the entire strip. Here, I feel happy and I was so excited to share part of my time there with my husband. It certainly made it feel less like work and more like a weekend.

Through all my trips, I have learned a few things that help me make the actual travel process a little easier...

5 Travel Tips
  • Wear Layers: I typically wear my most comfortable pair of jeans or leggings, usually in a dark color because they are less likely to get messy and it tends to look classier. I like to pair either with a long, comfy, plain t-shirt and bring a denim jacket or casual blazer to throw on once I’m boarding. If you know me, you know I am always freezing. I love Summertime but the season is also bad news because all indoor places feel the need to keep their spaces ARCTIC (including my office!) That said, I am always sure to have multiple options for keeping warm on the plane, otherwise I can’t find a way to relax.

  • Don’t Forget Socks: Branching off tip # 1, this is a must. In the Summer, I wear sandals on a daily basis but the plane is no place for bare feet. I’ve been there, done that and hugely regretted it…SO COLD. If you want to wear sandals on the plane, at least keep a pair in your bag. You’ll appreciate it when you go through security, as well :) 

  • Simplicity wins: When it comes to your travel look, don’t overthink it. This is not a time to debut a new floral maxi dress or geometric-inspired tank top. Think neutral colors, basic staples and pieces that transition from day to night with a few easy switches (like bag & shoes).

  • Shower the night before: I have started doing this regularly (mostly because of my frequent yoga classes), but it also applies well to traveling, especially if you have an early flight (obvi). But in general, I like going to bed with my hair wet (most likely in loose braids) and then curling it in the morning so I’m ready for the day. It’s less work this way…plus, I know I look forward to a shower after a long day of traveling so this way, you don’t have to do it twice in one day...winning!

  • Pack Snacks: I am definitely my Mother’s daughter because this is pretty much her number one life motto. No matter what you’re doing, ALWAYS be prepared with snacks and I tend to think this is pretty wise because you never know...but this is coming from someone who gets SUPER hangry when I miss a meal. I rarely go anywhere without a granola bar, banana or some sort nuts/pretzels…Kind Bars are my favorite because I find they tend to keep you fuller, longer (and they’re DELISH!). Plus, in-flight meals aren’t what they used to be…not that I don’t appreciate the 1 oz. bag of cashews but just saying, I got a personal carton of Ben & Jerry’s on the way to England…take notes, America.

What are your thoughts on Vegas? Yay or Nay?
How do you dress for Travel days?


Dress: H&M (Olive not available online but shop all other colors here)
Chambray: Old Navy
Bag: c\o Sole Society (Currently sold out but similar here under $30!)
Hat: U of I (This is a similar style and it's on my wish list...you'll see why, Chicago friends!)
Necklace: Target (similar)
Shoes: Converse
Sunnies: H&M 
Lip color: Glominerals - Sorbet