Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Gift Guide: Workout Essentials

Gym & Tonic

Let's be honest, it's already a challenge to find time for a daily workout and for many of us, it's even harder to get motivated if we’re exercising in ancient sweatpants and an over-sized t-shirt. Like any activity, we're more confident if we feel good about ourselves so the same thing applies to exercising. If I'm sacrificing an extra hour of sleep in the morning to make it to 6 A.M. yoga, I should at least look semi-cute, not frumpy...agreed? And not to mention, the Yoga By Degrees room is all mirrors so there’s no escaping your just rolled out of bed image ;) 

That said, I am always on the hunt for cute (and cost-effective) gear for running and yoga, my two favorite activities but never like spending money on it myself so I consider these items the perfect gift ideas. I like things with a unique twist, like the geometric print mat and palm leaf leggings…Why fit in when you can stand out?


1. Gym Shoes // 2. Pizza Bag
3. Yoga Top // 4. FitBit
5. Phone Case // 6. Ban.do Bag
7. Yoga Mat // 8. Palm Pants
9. Crop Pants // 10. Swell Bottle
11. Teal Bra // 12. Black Bra

Where do you shop for exercise clothes?
Are you shopping for any workout buddies this year?