Monday, December 5, 2016

Gift Guide: Teachers

Every year I hit a wall when it comes to picking out our teacher's gifts. To our family (and hopefully many of yours as well), my children's teachers (and our son's aid) become part of our extended family and I always want to give them something good. These are the individuals who are with our kids all day, five days a week, and who teach them through all the moods they may have on any given day. ;) In the past I have given many personalized gifts found during craft fairs I have attended. I love me the Fall Diddley

Each year, I usually give a gift, gift card, and sometimes fresh fruit as well, but this year I was searching for a something different. I asked a few teachers in my life what gifts they love getting and capped the price point off at $48 so I could still give another part to the gift.


What do you get the teacher's in your life?