Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Book Chat: Big Little Lies

To preface, I will not spoil the book for anyone in this blog post. I would love to book chat in specific detail in the comments section though!

I recently read the book Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. To be honest, I prefer binge reading. As a mother-of-two, there is not much time to read, so I'll stay up late and wake up early a few days in a row to just knock it out. I kid you not when I say I can read a three book series in about a week just by sleeping less. Not the best idea to sleep less, but you have to get in "me time" where you can get it and these days, that's what I have to do! ;) 

With this book, I decided I would take my time and read about fifteen minutes a day during the school pick-up line. Knowing this book had to do a lot about school dynamics, I thought that would be the perfect way to read it. To be frank, this book was a bit hard to get into during the first two chapters. There are so many characters and then add in time jumping, it was difficult to follow in the beginning. I am so glad I stuck with it because I loved this book! I became obsessed with it, wanting to know what was going to happen next each day. 

I am generally really great at guessing the endings of books (and movies too for that matter), but this book truly surprised me. Each day I found myself pulling up to my kids school earlier and earlier so I had more time to sit and read. Big Little Lies is well written and so hilarious to see how all the different mom's would act. My kids attend a charter school, and I did feel like a I know a few parents, similar to ones portrayed in the book. Or at least their personalities elevated! I loved the dynamic of the relationships between the parent and the children, the friendships between the parents, and the material relationships. You really don't have any idea what an others life is like behind closed doors. 

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 Two weeks after I finished the book, the HBO series came out. I am generally disappointed in most books once they turn into movies, because the movies just don't seem to translate. That is so not the case here you guys! There have only been two episodes so far, but I have to say it follows the book verbatim...Which makes me so happy! 

Have you read Big Little Lies? 
What do you think of the HBO series? 
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