Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Waiting Game | Pink Blush Dress

GUYS! Today is our DUE DATE! July 26, 2017...a date we've been saying out loud and repeating over and over in our minds for 9 months now. A date that seemed so far away, like it might take forever to arrive. I know it takes that long for the baby to grow and become healthy enough to enter the world but I also think the elongated time frame is intended to give new parents (Moms, specifically) a chance to get used to the idea of the huge life change that's about to occur. However, now that I have reached 40 weeks, I can officially say, no time will ever be long enough to realize your world is about to be turned upside down. No matter how much preparation you do or how much you talk about future plans, I don't think you can truly grasp how HUGE this is until the little person finally arrives. On one hand, I'm so ready to not be pregnant anymore (especially since I just ordered a few things from the Nordstrom sale in my normal's hoping!), but on the other hand, that means I will be responsible for another HUMAN...

On that note, there have been so many feelings running rampant these days – I feel like I have been the most emotional in the third trimester, perhaps because it’s getting so close but I also feel like I have no control over it most of the time. Different reactions come in waves and I found them to be summed up beautifully by a blogger I follow:

“It could be any day now or you could keep us waiting to see your face a whole month longer. There's something so delicious and frustrating about the not knowing. My body hurts from trying to provide you comfort. A place for you to do your final growing before you're ready to join us here. I try so hard to understand what it'll be like to hold you in my arms, but I can barely imagine you. My son. Some days I feel like I know everything there is to know about you, other days you're a mystery to me kept safely under my ribs. I lie awake at night thinking about all the unknown, the fear and the excitement dancing together in a giddy show. 

I watch your Daddy sleep, I think about all the things we've achieved together, all the moments I've spent laughing and crying next to him. How much I need him now more than ever. And in a moment I feel so overwhelmed with happiness that we'll share being your parent together and a quiet sadness at leaving just the two of us behind. That's where we are right now. Stuck in between. Soon you'll be here and it'll be hard to remember a time before we knew you. Soon I'll know the sweet smell of your neck, the color of your eyes, and the way your hair crumples as you sleep. Soon there will be so much new but for now there is what was, in all it's imperfect beauty.”


Next time we talk, it's possible I'll be sleep deprived and snuggling a tiny little monkey. Okay, it doesn't sound half bad, does it? ;) Also means this is possibly my last maternity post...I feel like I have been talking about bump style for so long and for the most part, it's been a fun journey. Look back on all of my maternity posts here!

Talk to you guys soon...Wish us luck! Xo


 Dress: c/o Pink Blush
Sunnies: Target
Purse: c/o Sole Society (Currently available in white)
Sandals: c/o Sole Society
Jacket: J. Crew
Bracelet: Alex & Ani