Monday, August 7, 2017

Mom Monday: Nursing Bra's with Style

I'll be honest: I wasn't thrilled with wearing maternity clothes (despite how many cute looks are available for expecting Mom's) and I feel like many of the nursing styles, clothes AND accessories, are typically just as blah and way more functional than fashionable. PLUS, we all know how hard it is to find a regular, supportive imagine your boobs are twice the size (and weight) they normally are, and suddenly it's 10x as hard to find something that has all this AND looks semi-cute. 

Nonetheless, I knew I needed at least a small collection of things starting with bras so it felt kind of perfect to partner with You! Lingerie, a nursing line meant is to make pregnant and breastfeeding Mama's feel confident everyday. The brand believes pregnancy and breastfeeding are beautiful, so why should you wear an unflattering nursing bra or pay an exuberant amount for a beautiful one? Okay, perhaps I could get behind that kind of female empowerment. Plus, I knew I already loved their sister brand, Preggo Leggings, which was one of my actual favorite items during the last few weeks of my pregnancy so I was eager to take one of their bras for a test ride.

I chose the London Maternity & Nursing bra, a cotton style with gray and white stripes (because do I ever not love stripes?). I liked that it was supposed to be good for low-cut necklines and smooth under t-shirts, two things I'll most likely be wearing plenty of during breastfeeding. And let me officially confirm, all of the positive claims are true - It's super comfy, easy to clip & un-clip and nowhere near boring (like my other nude and black nursing bras which are slightly more Grandma style - Sorry babe!). 

No matter which bra you choose, all of the fabric selections, designs and colors are made with a fashion-minded mom in mind. They are meant to offer sensuality, playful style and femininity in its wearer without sacrificing quality and functionality of discreet feeding, support and comfort. Shop all their styles here!


Bra: c/o You! Lingerie
Robe: Amazon
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Fox Pillow
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Rug (on sale!)

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