Monday, June 8, 2015

Two Summer Obsessions

Two things I can never get enough of: stripes and iced coffee. My closet is filled to the brim with striped pieces while my fridge is currently home to two very large jugs of Starbucks iced coffee (one being the skinny caramel macchiato and yes, it's fantastic.) I know that if I'm shopping with Lisa and trying to decide which item I should skip (because I've undoubtedly already spent too much), she will always choose to the stripes based on my current collection, but honestly, can you ever really have too many? They go with everything.

And when it comes to iced coffee, my husband is the same way. "When did you start this obsession? Is it REALLY necessary?" Much like the stripes, the answer is no, it's not necessary, as I don't drink it for the benefits of caffeine so I suppose I could go without it...I just happen to love the way it tastes...Especially if we're talking about Honey Bee's from the Coffee Mill...seen obsessing over below ;)

So to everyone I ask, why should we ever have to give up the things we love? 

Dress: LOFT | Jacket: Forever 21, old (similar) | Sandals: LOFT 
Sunnies: ZeroUV | Watch: JORD | Bag: Old Navy (similar) | Bracelet: Old (similar)

What are your summer obsessions?