Thursday, June 7, 2012

Because I Love Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is like Christmas Eve: Everybody is bustling with excitement and anticipation over the good times filled with friends and family that are right around the corner. We always head up to our lake house, and I think it's amazing how quickly everything changes - What seems like moments ago, we were walking out on the frozen lake and watching the snow sculptors hard at work. Then all of a sudden, everyone is bronzing on the beach, the al fresco dining is set up, and our main mode of transportation is now by sea instead of land. It's as if someone just flipped a switch (if only it were that easy, right?)

I spent most of the weekend in my swim suit and cover-up. Just the way I like it ;)
Swim-suit: Von Maur, Short to Long Cover-up: Target

Sunset on our pier

The kind of view that makes you feel blessed 

How did you spend Memorial Day? Do you notice a faster pace in your town come May?