Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween: DIY Costume Style

My husband put it best: "Nobody has as much fun around the holidays as you do." And he's right. I love celebrating everything to the fullest no matter how much time it takes or planning it involves and Halloween is no exception. 

As my second favorite holiday, I take it very seriously ;) The hubby and I tried to agreed on a couples costume for weeks (sadly, he wasn't as fond as my Gatsby + Daisy idea as I was). But when he mentioned Calvin + Hobbes, I smiled at the thought of it -- it was cute & clever so I got right to work on my costume...

The stenciling took way more time than I planned on, but I was pretty happy with it in the end -- there were plenty of "tiger" costumes that I saw online which would have made it easier, but I wasn't sweet on the idea of turning Hobbes into a Lover's Lane sex symbol (really guys?) 

Top: TJ Maxx // Tights: D+K Seamless Leggings // Felt: Hobby Lobby // Boots: c/o Just Fab

Presenting...a modern female version of Hobbes!
And of course, my partner in crime: Calvin (trust us, the can of hair dye SAID yellow). So, we'll go with punk rock Calvin?
Shirt: Haggar // Jeans: Wrangler // Shoes: Vans

Calvin's thought bubble (conveniently left behind) was the starter to our conversation. Don't worry, I still shared mine proudly ;) 

Though there were a few hiccups on our presentation, it was fun to pay homage to one of the greatest comic strips (and to another pair of best friends)

What do you think of our costume? Did you dress up this year?