Friday, October 10, 2014

Hair Affair

I don't think it would be silly to say that every girl has fantasized at one time or another about having long, luxurious, Disney princess style, Victoria's Secret-esque hair. Those long waves that look perfectly un-perfect and so voluminous that you ask yourself if its real - but we must realize, if it looks too good to be real, it probably isn't...and that's why there's people like Suzie who can take us from normal hair today to princess hair tomorrow with a magic touch.  

Lisa got extensions done by Suzie last year and loved the experience so much that we decided to embark on a hair affair together this time around. I had long hair most of my life (until recently when I went for the long bob) but only with extensions am I able to achieve the curls and thick braids that Pinterest dreams are made of. 

Here are a few photos of the process:

Lisa's before & after:

My before & after:

Considering extensions? Here are a few of our thoughts:

  • Long hair instantly
  • Once styled, they are less maintenance, as you can just touch up your style for 3-4 days at a time without having to go through the whole process (washing, drying, curling, etc). 
  • A non-permanent way to change up your look
  • Good for your real hair - less heat gives your strands time to breathe/grow 

-Extensions are very heavy when wet! It is best to air dry them instead of blow dry because a) it's a time saver and b) too much heat isn't healthy for the hear (or your real hair for that matter) This means night washing is usually best - we typically divide our hair into two braids, leaving them to wave overnight.

-You must brush (soft bristle is best) carefully so you don't get "dreads" in the back at the scalp - just put one hand on your tracks while you brush lightly so they don't get pulled on

-It takes a few days to get used to them, especially sleeping on them, but after a few days, they become less noticeable and you get used to your "hair routine"

-Use Moroccan oil on ends of curls almost daily  

Have you ever tried extensions? Would you consider it?