Friday, December 5, 2014

Tiny Prints, Large Meaning...

“Why do we need to send a Christmas card? 
You post all our pictures on Facebook, anyway.” – My husband 

This is in the same category as the time he suggested we send Evites in place of real wedding invitations. To me, there’s something so special about sharing our first “family photo” because I am so proud of my husband (AND our 4-legged, furry “son”). I also look forward to all the cards we will receive in return - Snail mail is a lost art but there’s still something to be said about rushing to the mailbox with the possibility of what’s inside. When we start to resort to solely sharing our personal holiday greetings via a dot com address, I’ll consider myself a mean one, Mr. Grinch. 

I have always loved the Tiny Prints selection of designs and was very impressed with their impeccable service during our wedding planning process so I didn't think twice about using them for our card this year (especially when I saw all of the foil-stamped shiny!)

Here are the top 5 designs I felt best complimented our photo...number 5 is the winner!

What do you think of our chosen design? I thought the rustic design complete with pine tree needles matched our photo perfectly.

How do you feel about the Christmas Card tradition? Worth sticking to?