Friday, February 6, 2015

Weekend Wanderlust


I consider myself to be a homebody who frequently gets bit by the travel bug. It has always been more important to me to have a house to come home to than it is to live in a shack in order to travel the world, but that doesn't mean I don't love adventure. The problem is, I want to see and have it all...or is that just a good life plan? ;)

Santorini, Greece: I will admit it...My love for Santorini developed from watching Sisterhood of the TravelingPants. My husband never fails to remind me this is the reason I want to visit but I have no shame. There is something about the combination of the whitewashed stone architecture set against the deepest blue sea that is like candy for my eyes. I imagine renting Vespa's (because why wouldn’t we), fresh fish daily and epic sunsets. Sounds horrible, doesn’t it?

Antelope Canyon, Arizona: While this may seem random, I think it makes complete sense once you google this place. My girlfriend visited the canyon a few months back and without knowing much about it, her photos were enough for it to land a spot on my list. It looks like a (rookie) photographer’s dream and I can't stop dreaming about the pictures I could leave with.

A little history here: A long time ago, older Navajo's would probably pause before going in to be in the right frame of mind and prepare for protection and respect. This would also allow them to leave with an uplifted feeling of what Mother Nature has to offer and to be in harmony with something greater than themselves.

Quebec City, Canada: From art to history and gorgeous castles, I imagine Quebec City to be one of the most majestic destinations. Specifically, I would love to stay at (or just sip tea at) the Fairmont Château Frontenac. The photos I saw on the KJP instagram just solidified my thinking that this would be the perfect winter holiday getaway. Between the days filled skiing and the spa, I think my husband and I could definitely be happy putting our feet up by the fire here.


As a stay-at-home mother of two who plans to move in the next 12-18 months, being on a budget is just the way it is right now. So weekend wanderlust is as close as I can get and I'll take it!

Maui, Hawaii: My entire life, I have always wanted to go to Hawaii. As long as I can remember it has been on my bucket list. Clear blue water, palm trees, beautiful scenery, and warm temperatures? Count me in! I'd love to renew my vows there on the beach and just spend time exploring looking for waterfalls and just loving life!

Cinque Terre, Italy: My grandma was born in Sicily and I've always wanted to go to Italy and see a bit of my heritage. I realize Sicily is not Cinque Terre, but how can you not want to visit there when you see photos of it? Everything is so colorful and full of life, it's just a place I've always wanted to see in person and not just in photos... one day.

Nashville, TN: Kaitlyn and I were just in Nashville last year. It was a family girls trip and to date, one of my favorite vacations. There is just so much musical history there and taking my kids to see the Ryman Auditorium would be amazing. Eating more fried pickles would be a must and just walking around feeling the positive vibe of Nashville again would make me very happy. I may just pop back in at the Frothy Monkey for a quick coffee and chat with some of the oh-so-nice locals. It's just such a friendly place, it makes you want to pack up and move there!

What destinations are on your travel bucket list? 
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