Thursday, February 5, 2015

Theme Swap: Sweaters & Knits

For our second "theme swap," we chose sweaters & knits, because let's face it Midwest friends -- this sh*t is getting brutal. With 19 inches of snow in ONE DAY this week, we're about ready to call it quits. Sure, it's beautiful, but then you realize driving isn't avoidable any longer and it becomes a nuisance. Anyone else counting down the days until Spring?

Here's how we styled each other's knits:

Anchor Print: The last time I wore this sweater, I didn't play around and layer it at all. Recently, Kaitlyn wore the top and put a plaid blouse under which got my style wheels turning. ;) When I found it in my swap bag, I wanted to keep with her idea of pairing a blouse under, but I stayed in the same color palette of navy and cream.

Polka dots and anchor prints seemed like love at first sight. I added riding boots, skinny jeans, and a plaid scarf to finish it off. I loved how this very "spring/summer print" is easily worn year round by simply editing the style! - Lisa

Flannel Cardigan: I am a sucker for buffalo plaid, especially when it comes in the version of a snuggly wrap that I can cocoon myself in all day long. This is the ultimate weekend piece, perfect for comfort (as seen here) but also looks good roughed up a bit with black and gold booties, leather and a graphic T - Kaitlyn

Gray Cable Knit: I just love this sweater of Kaitlyns! It's so cute and classic I decided to wear it alone and let it be the star of the outfit. By adding my UGGs, a great tribal cross body bag, and my super warm puffer coat, I kept my look cute but still functional for this very cold day.

I find myself layering and pattern mixing tons lately so it was nice to just wear a very simple outfit. Sometimes it's ok just to wear jeans and a sweater. It's as easy and classic as jeans and a tee! - Lisa

Neutral Poncho: This winter, over sized is the name of the game. I'm all about a top I can practically swim in and still look attractive. The key is to keep with form-fitting jeans and layers underneath so I opted for my favorite LOFT denim, a basic black long-sleeved top and to a pack a punch, my plaid combat boots.

I look ready for a weekend in the snow, right? Perfect because we are in the thick of it, #Chiberia! Next time, I'll try mixing it up with stripes (and copying Lisa's gorgeous fat braid). Oh, how I miss those extensions! - Kaitlyn