Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Four Five Seconds to Summer

Memorial Day Weekend always feels like the unofficial start to Summer, as if the endless days of grilling, shandy's and street festivals are so close we can taste them. The season doesn't officially begin for three weeks but with no free weekend in sight on the calendar, I am taking this opportunity to start early and soak up every second beneath the sun (covered in SPF, of course!)

Whenever I'm at the lake with the family, I hope time will suddenly stand still - When we head down to our pier, I stare out at the beautiful lake that I'm so lucky to experience year after year and wish that the moment would last just a little longer or the sun would set just a second slower. It's when I realize time is the most valuable thing I have to spend because nothing is better than time spent with my favorite people at our favorite place. I must continually remind myself though, not to focus on how fast time is going but to be present and enjoy life as it's happening...

Speaking of time, I've been keeping track of it lately with a new wrist addition. I have generated quite the collection of watches over the years but this wooden watch is the first of its kind and I absolutely LOVE it's unique presence. JORD is Swedish for "earth, soil and land," three elements that are embodied in the modern wood design. 

The different tones in the wood are beautiful but it is the turquoise color that truly makes it pop so I am looking forward to styling this with bright whites and a tan this summer :) 

Jacket: Urban Outfitters (similar) | Dress: MNG by Mango (love this one too!) | Sandals: LOFT (similar)
Bag: Old Navy | Watch: JORD | Necklace: E Street Denim (similar

P.S. I'm slightly in love with this fauxhawk braid. Shoutout to Lisa for making me feel like a bad I am one step closer to the braid magic that is Daenerys Targaryen.

Would you guys be interested in seeing a braid tutorial of this? Let us know! 

Side note: I felt slightly guilty opening the packaging because it was put together so beautifully. This brand does great job of staying consistent with their vision by delivering the product in a gorgeous wood box carved with the company logo. 

This is one of those designs worth keeping for years to come as the package is just as quality as the product, not to mention, it makes you feel like you are opening something really special...#winning.

Does anyone else sometimes wish they could pull an "Age of Adaline" and pause time during the best moments?