Wednesday, June 10, 2015

....Because Things Have Changed

Almost 4 years ago, we did something we never dreamed possible: We saw a void that needed to be filled, formed a company and launched a business. We designed two fully functioning websites from scratch, found our place in the world of blogging and made some impressions along the way. 

We garnered some press (12, 3), initiated some lasting business relationships and learned a whole lot about running a business and how empowering it can be to become an entrepreneur. Fulfilling your dreams and being your own boss is both rewarding and exhausting, the perfect combination. 
However, over time, our exuberant efforts have started to outweigh the rewards so as smart entrepreneurs, we had to make a sensible decision to focus our passion elsewhere, somewhere where it would be best utilized. With that said, we regret to inform you that we have decided to end the services of because I shop too much and because they grow too fast.

All of you have made such a difference in this experience – By believing in our idea, starting your own closet, shopping our closets or writing about us on your blog (Mary, Zahra, Ashley, Nicolette & all the countless others!), you made everything worth it. It was definitely a labor of love, something that we will always be proud of. Hopefully you enjoyed swapping clothes or you purchased an item from a closet that has become one of your favorites...That is all we ever wanted.

Let us make something clear: While the websites will no longer be operating, we aren't done pursuing our vision. Our fashion & lifestyle blog has become part of our hearts and remains a creative outlet for us to share everything that makes us who we are from style to recipes and family to events. As it continues to become a central part of our lives, we look forward to sharing continued authentic and creative content.

There are no words to thank you but please understand how much gratitude we have for your support. Please continue to follow our story here and stay tuned for some exciting updates including a blog re-design and some fun collaborations to come! Oh, and one thing that will never change? The answer to a very popular question….because we shop too much ;) 

P.S. Can we just talk about our first promo photos? 
Thankfully, our creativity and photography skills have improved greatly...

Thanks for shopping with us!