Monday, June 1, 2015

Rent The Runway CHICAGO style!

Imagine a place where you can try on the dresses of your dreams, get style advice from a fashion forward team, while completing your outfit with an endless selection of handbags and jewelry? For fashion bloggers and fashion lovers alike, this kind of experience is something you read about or longingly lust for while watching on E on the couch...for us Chicago gals, it's real life.

Enter Rent the Runway - The Chicago Showroom! We were invited to attend a 45 minute stylist appointment to see how the new process works. We have rented many times but only online which leaves things a little more up to chance without being able to try things on.

Our in-person experience was a night we won't forget, as it made us feel like true princesses. It was the epitome of 2 kids in a candy store by letting the two of us loose around all these gorgeous dresses, jewelry, and bags. The store decor was breath taking...we were stunned from the moment we walked in, as everything was clean, modern, bright, and beautiful. Not to mention, we were the only ones there during our appointment so we felt like we had stumbled upon a world of sequins, tulle and intricate beading that only we knew.

Our stylist, Asia, wrote us beforehand to get an idea of what style dresses work best for us, our sizes and what occasion we were renting for. We are co-hosting a bridal shower this month so we figured that was the perfect place to start.

Our favorite part of the experience was trying on styles that we don't typically wear...Kaitlyn tried on a floral look with a cape while Lisa worked a silver mini dress, both out of our elements, but so fun to mix it up and continue to find out what works best for our body types and personalities. 

Here are some of the styles we had waiting for us in our dressing rooms upon our arrival:

Love the mix of textures here..the dress is made of lurex and is structured but still comfortable. A little out of my box so it was a lot of fun to try on. P.S. I may or may not be standing awkwardly because I was pinching the material behind my back...they didn't have my size in stock but I still wanted to try it on and get an idea of what it would look like if I rented :)

 photo 20150526_191438_zps1qnonmnk.jpg

Hello, lover... This was the first dress that I tried on as soon as I arrived. It was like it was meant to be as this is the dress I rented for the bridal show I am co-hosting! Asia picked out some great options and I'm so glad this one had been pulled. I love me a great maxi dress and the colors on this pallete just drew me in. I can't wait to show you how I end up styling it. I rented a stunning bag and statement earrings too for day of... Seriously can't wait. 

Again, this dress is about 3 sizes too big on me but the print caught my eye and I thought it was perfectly delicate for the bridal shower I'm hosting. I didn't end up going with this one, though it was my second runner up...It's great for a summer wedding too! 

Someone please give me an idea of where I can wear this! I LOVE this jumpsuit. It does come in black too, but I love how clean the white was. I feel like need to go on a an extravagant trip to debut this but no matter what, this look IS happening at some point this year! Oh. and it has pockets you guys...pockets! This was the second outfit I tried on and as soon as I was handed a few different necklaces and bags to try I really didn't want to take it off. Ever. 

 photo photoStrip_zpsiyn6ihsf.jpg

The store was adorned with mirrors everywhere and Asia surprised us by letting us know that one of them was a SELFIE mirror! Yes, a selfie mirror. You give them your email address and the photos are sent to you right away in a collage with the proper hashtag (search #RTRxChicago for more pics of the store). How amazing is this? Clever marketing done right, my friends ;) Asia told us twice to back up so we weren't cut off but apparently we were too too excited to listen...

If you live in Chicago or one of the cities where RTR operates, we HIGHLY recommend you check it out. We ended up testing looks we wouldn't have chosen just by browsing the website, plus the staff was wonderful (can we be best friends, Asia?), making the entire experience such a pleasant one.

Oh, and did we mention...we walked out of there with epic Estee Lauder gift bags including a full size fragrance that smells like summer and now has a permanent spot in our rotations.THIS is how you do a Tuesday night, ladies  ;)

Stay tuned for what Kaitlyn chose for the was a hard decision between these 3:

Which one do you think came home with us?