Wednesday, July 1, 2015

4th of July Pressed (for time) Sandwiches

Our annual 4th of July party at the lake typically casts burgers and brats as the main acts...they're universally liked and it almost seems un-American not to fire up the grill but there are many alternatives that allow you to spend more time with your guests and less time slaving over a hot stove/grill. 

We recently attended Music by the Lake, a Ravinia-esque event up north which invites you to BYOB for a picnic style meal by the water. In the past, we have stocked up on pre-made snacks at the store but this time around, my whiz-in-the-kitchen Mom suggested we try this delicious pressed sandwich recipe from Seasons and Suppers: 

A pressed sandwich is a loaf of bread that's filled with ingredients, wrapped and refrigerated overnight under a weight. The concept is infinitely variable, so you can adjust the ingredients as you like. 

If you're heading to the beach or hosting a party over the holiday weekend, these a great choice because you can make them ahead of time and create a variety of combinations in order to offer a wide selection. We went with this recipe which calls for ciabatta rolls, arugula, bocconini, assorted Italian meats, vinegar and olive oil. 

Let your mouth water from all of these tasty sandwich layers...

"Do I smell an array of assorted Italian cold meats?"

After the sandwiches were wrapped and pressed in the fridge overnight, we wrapped them in striped twine which adds a special touch and really makes you feel like you're opening a gourmet meal rather than your basic everyday sandwich.

Oh, and for the 4th...don't forget to break out all the red, white and blue decor you own...a little (patriotic) party never hurt nobody. To that we say, yes way rosé!

P.S. Have no shame if you choose the bottle based on the label...
Those graphic designers deserve a little love and this one was too cute to pass up ;)