Thursday, March 12, 2015

Swap Till You Drop: How to Host a Swap Party!

As you guys know, our websites (both adult and kids) are a great way to not only sell your clothes and make cash for new apparel, but also allows you to swap with a fashionable female (or a stylish gentlemen!) We have been swapping our clothes for years (search #rockandswap on IG to check it out) and we truly believe it's a great way to spruce up your wardrobe without spending a dime.

So last Sunday, we invited a few Chicago bloggers over for a swap party which resulted in an afternoon of treats, selfies and of course, swapping. Here's a peek into the party and some ideas on how to throw your own:

1. The Guest List: 

We have hosted a few similar parties in the past and have found that depending on the space, 6-10 attendees is best. This time, I (Kaitlyn), hosted at my home so there wasn't an extensive amount of space (once you figure in all the wardrobe racks and accessories) and we provided a sit down lunch for the girls so we wanted to keep it intimate, allowing for more time to chat and get to know each other better, outside of our blogs and digital profiles.

Clockwise from top: Deb, Tiffany, Cheryl, April, Lisa, Kaitlyn

2. The Decor:

We wanted to dress up my living room so that it not only felt like you were shopping in a mini pop-up shop but also include some fun details for photos (I mean, we know our audience here...bloggers capturing moments to share on social!) 

3. The Menu:

Our party was from 11-2, so we wanted to provide a light lunch with a killer signature drink. We served chips, guac & salsa during the first hour of swapping and then invited everybody to join us at the table for mini sandwiches, cookie & brownie bites and Tiffany's "are these even real" cookies that were basically the hit of the party! 

Aren't these amazing? Tiffany needs her own cookie shop STAT! 

Our drink of choice was a strawberry vodka lemonade (we're thinking Spring here, ladies!) It was super refreshing and perfect for sipping. 

Here is the recipe:

2 Parts Raspberry Lemonade
2 Parts Club Soda
1 Part Smirnoff (light) Strawberry Sorbet Vodka
1 Part Lime Juice
1 Part Lemon Juice

4. The Swapping!

Our goal was for all our guests to leave with something new (to them) and mission accomplished! We decided that we could just host a jewelry swap next time because accessories were the hot items, though a few major clothing swaps were made (and we can't wait to see April in Kaitlyn's jumpsuit!)

 The pieces that didn’t find a new home during our event were donated to a few different causes including the Children's Cancer Society & St. Vincent's Church in Chicago. 

5. The photo shoots...

Once the signs and cookie lips were brought out, there was no stopping us...

Each girl also left with a swap bag of their own and a Sisters Marie graphic T...
We can't wait to see how they style them!

Thanks to all the girls who came out to support us, we loved spending our Sunday with you! Don't forget to check out Deb's swap post here. 

And a big thank you to all the following companies who made the event so pretty :) 

Planning a swap party of your own? Shop the post:

Custom Pillows; Tiny Prints
Swap Till You Drop Glitter Sign: Etsy
Table Flowers: Bloompop
Tassel Garland: Etsy
Wardrobe Racks: Ikea
Photo booth signs: Etsy