Friday, July 31, 2015

Easy Girls' Night Snacks

One of my favorite parts about being homeowner is having the ability to entertain whenever we please, especially outdoors in the summertime. My husband renovated our deck when we moved in so I relish the warm months here and take every opportunity to enjoy meals and coffee wine out there, especially with my girlfriends...

Because let's face it, there's just some things men can't truly appreciate...candles and flowers are theoretically romantic but only your girlfriends will see the real thought put into that. But even more so, us girls have a thing for snacking...chips, queso, humus, salsa, guac, pick your poison...whatever it is, I find that most men would rather skip the small bites and go straight to the meat and potatoes (literally). 

Me? I am all about the dips (bout the dips, no entree), especially when they can be made in under a minute and still make a nice presentation...enter Hormel Snackers.

4 dips to choose from, ready in seconds and perfect to pair with everything from celery sticks to toasted bread or crackers. 

Life is good when something basic becomes fancy with no effort..nobody even has to know the dips came from a container..if you want to play the homemade card, we won't tell if you won't ;)

And things only get more adorable when you choose vino based on the clever can you pass up "once upon a vine?" Can't you just hear your friends now? "I can't even with that wine"...

And if this is a blogger soiree, there will undoubtedly be some Instagram-able moments so your guests will thank you for providing them with the perfect summer setting ;)

What are your favorite girls night snacks?

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